Eagles Lose a Close One

It has been a week now, and there has been enough time for the wound to heal a little. As a huge Philadelphia Eagles fan, last week’s loss to the Saints was tough. I have been a fan of the Eagles since I was a wee little child, and I have never been more surprised by the team than I was this year. It was a great year, far above what was expected, and I know we have great things in our future.

I was a little upset when they got rid of Andy Reid after last season, but we needed a shake up and we got it. And Nick Foles had a fantastic season and showed a lot of promise for the future. I look forward to next season, when our guys will have a chance to once again make a Superbowl run, and maybe accomplish the one thing all us Eagles fans have so desperately hoped for all our lives: A championship.

Thanks to all the Eagles players, coaches and staff that made this season possible. You should be all proud of the effort you gave this year.

Cool Retro Gaming

I saw something really interesting the other day, and I hadn’t had a chance to check it out until just a few minutes ago. The Internet Archive has emulators for several retro (really, really retro) video games, and they run in your browser. You can find them at https://archive.org/details/consolelivingroom. I tried some of the Atari 2600 ones, they seemed pretty cool. I know a lot of people weren’t born yet when these old games came out, but these laid the groundwork for everything we see now. It’s kind of cool to see how far we’ve come.