Maine Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of Trans Student

Just wanted to point this one out, because I think the ruling is obviously the correct one, and we don’t always end up with those. In Maine, Nicole Maines(pictured below), along with the HRC, sued the school district for violating her rights by requiring her to use a faculty bathroom. The court there agreed with her, that the school district should not have done that.

This seems like such an obvious thing these days. Maybe before people knew much about trans-children you could understand why the school did what it did, but now they really should know better. I know some people are concerned that any student could just one day decide to go into the other bathroom and use this as an excuse, but that really is not what is going on here. Here we have a case where a student has consistently presented as a girl and the school still did this. This is not someone who one day showed up and decided to use the other bathroom on a whim. This is a little girl (5th grade at the time) who was being forced into using a separate bathroom from all her classmates because an adult had a problem with her. How is it ever fair to treat a child like that? You can read the whole story here.

Nicole Maine