All settled in

We got everything moved into the new apartment and arranged the way we want(mostly). It was tough, and we got a lot of help that made it possible. We really like the apartment, and it seems much bigger than I thought it would. I have never lived in an apartment before this, so I was wondering how that would work out.

It was tough getting the internet set up. The first time I tried was before we moved here, and I ordered it online. Well, I kind of expected it to either let us choose an install date, or at least give us a couple of days, but it was supposed to be set up immediately. So that was canceled. Then I ordered it right after we moved in. Well, for some reason they couldn’t get that set up right away. We were doing the self install, but it didn’t work, and I had to call in. They didn’t have us in their system. So I went through everything with the person on the phone, and she said that they used to have service directly to our apartment, but it was cutoff before, and for some reason they’d have to send someone out to activate it in person. Ok. So, that was a few days later before they could get someone here. And when they did, it still didn’t work. We finally got that squared away, and then I had to call in yet again to give them the MAC address of my modem. And then somehow in their process of activating it, they managed to turn wifi off on my modem. We got that squared away, finally, but it was a pain.

Now I have to find a job here in KC. If anyone has any suggestions let me know. I’ve spent the last 10 years at the same company, so it has been a while since I had to do any serious job searching. I did have a couple of interviews this past week, at least.

We’ve managed to go out and do a few things each day since we moved in, just to get out of the apartment and explore. We’re getting more familiar with the area. I feel pretty confident I can make it to the mall, a few grocery stores, the library, and even a handful of restaurants without the GPS at this point. Just don’t ask me to find the nearest ATM for our bank, ’cause that one still eludes me.

We really like it here. I think this was a good move.

Moving to KC


We’re preparing to move on the 12th. I’ve lived in my current house for over 8 years, and I’ve spent my entire life in the same dinky little town, but we’re moving to KC. It’s been over 8 years since my last move, and now I’m remembering every little annoying thing about it.

Moving isn’t fun. First you have to figure out what to take and what to get rid of. Okay, so we decided to get rid of a lot of stuff and only take what we really needed. Which turns out to be a lot. We have to haul furniture and boxes and bags and loads of stuff a long way to our new place in KC. So we’re getting a Uhaul trailer and loading it up. Except then we have to have help to unload it when we get there. Luckily I have a very kind brother-in-law and my parents who have all agreed to help, or else we’d have problems.

One thing I didn’t remember from before is how annoying it is to get all the utilities and insurance and everything set up. And we have really good internet speed at a decent price in our current home, but the area we’re moving to doesn’t have much of a selection. Google Fiber hasn’t gotten there yet, apparently. Poo.

My wife has found a good job up there, but I’m still looking, so there’s that too. So yay! But I’m hopeful. It’s a decent sized city and there are opportunities. And at least there are things to do there. Where we live now we have to drive hours to get to anything other than a Wal-Mart or McDonald’s. So while it is all nerve racking to move, I think in the end we’ll be really happy there. I hope. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

Cartoons from Childhood

Okay, every now and then something comes along and smacks me in the head and reminds me I’m getting older. Today I came across a list of cartoons from the 1980s, ranking them by highest rated. I went down the list a little and realized these were the shows I grew up with, loved, spent so much time watching and imitating. I also realized how outdated some are and realized that a lot on that list I had never heard of. Also, very few with good female lead characters.

For those of you who were alive and watching at that time, did you know there was a Ghost Busters cartoon in 1986? And before you say yes, I’m not talking about The Real Ghostbusters, which didn’t come out until 1987. No, apparently this was a whole different cartoon. I had no idea. Maybe it wasn’t on any of our channels here.

Everyone loved The Simpsons, for the most part, and as a Star Wars fan I loved Droids, and I loved stuff like The Transformers because… well, cars that turn into robots, hello! But I still have more fond memories of all of the various incarnations of Scooby Doo, and I loved Duck Tales. I was not a fan of Adventures of the Gummi Bears, didn’t like Beetlejuice very well, and loathed both Mask and Thundercats. (who are you people rating this so high?)

Inspector Gadget and G.I.Joe were also on my like list. I liked the weird gadgets (being kind of a geeky little girl), and in G.I.Joe I really liked the few strong female characters there were (I especially liked Lady Jaye).

Here’s a nice list of the top ranked 80s cartoons at IMBD. Take a look at that and see if any of those bring back fond memories. Even for those of you who weren’t around when they first came out, there’s some on there that I know you’ve seen in reruns. I think a lot of people will have fond memories of these shows, but if you think about it you’ll see that some of them just don’t hold up well to time.

And for some of them you’ll think back at how much you loved them and say “What the furry blue slippers was I thinking?!”

Ah nostalgia.