Wisconsin latest state to get marriage equality

A federal judge on Friday ruled that Wisconsin’s ban on same sex marriage was unconstitutional. It’s happening, one state at a time. What state is next? Half the country lives in states with equality now, and more cases are coming in almost every state that will expand that. Pretty soon legal discrimination against same sex couples, at least as far as marriage, will be nothing more than a relic of history. Hopefully we can get ENDA soon now, too.

Federal judge finds Wisconsin’s gay marriage ban unconstitutional

There’s also a link in there that shows where each state stands on marriage equality.

Marriage equality comes to Pennsylvania

More and more states are opening up to marriage equality, and about half the country now lives in a place where you can marry who you love. It’s coming along, one step at a time, and eventually I am confident that a case will get to the Supreme Court that will challenge whether a state has to recognize a marriage performed in another state. When that happens, I think the justices will have to rule that the full faith and credit clause means every state will have to recognize marriages carried out in other states, even if the marriage is between two members of the same sex.

If you want to read more about the Pennsylvania ruling, it’s here.