Bunch of thoughts

I didn’t have enough to talk about in any one area today, so I’m just tossing out a lot of random thoughts.

Star Wars Episode VIII started filming yesterday! Yay! There are some new cast members that will be joining the cast from Ep. VII, and I’m kind of excited to see what characters they play.

Tax time. Ugh. It’s a pain in the lower posterior region to file, and I don’t understand why they can’t simplify the process a bit, but at least it’s only once a year.

I read a book the other day (which I received through a Goodreads Giveaway), and while it was an okay book, I found quite a bit of language in it that did not match up with the 4th grade level the book is listed as targeting. I don’t understand this. There seems to be a growing number of people these days that think foul language among ten year old children is perfectly fine. While I wouldn’t do too much censoring of what a child reads, I do think it’s important not to write stuff specifically for them that includes that type of language. If you believe your fourth grader is mature enough to read adult books that’s fine. But I don’t believe books for children should be written with adult language or themes. I would feel very uncomfortable if this book showed up in a school library. The sad part is, the book was decent for kids other than that. I wish the language had been toned down a bit.

Moving stinks. We moved here about a year and a half ago, and we’ll be moving again soon. During that process we’ve started going through things and I’ve found several things I would rather throw away than tote to the new place. These are things I had before the last move, and I’m not sure why I carried them here in the first place. It seems every time I move I find things like that, though.

Before moving I have to finish painting the new place. While I’ve enjoyed the process, and it has been great that we’ve spent time picking colors and new fixtures, I just want to be done with it now. I’m just so ready to move in!

We finally saw Pixels the other night. It was a bit slow at first, a bit of a bro movie, and the love story between Adam Sandler’s character and the Lt. Colonel was a bit annoying to me the way it was presented, but the last half of the movie was pretty decent. All the video game parts, I guess. The thing is, it was a complete nostalgia-fest for us. When we were growing up most of these games were still around, many at the arcade systems you used to see just inside the door of grocery stores and gas stations. That made it kind of fun. Plus, Q-Bert was just really cute.

RIP Justice Scalia. I rarely agreed with his rulings, but he was a justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, so I have to respect the position. And weirdly, as anti-everything-I-am-and-believe-in as he was, people who I do like (Justice Ginsburg and Justice Kagan, for example) liked him and considered him a close friend. I have to think the guy was very different in his personal life than he was in his legal rulings.

The really disturbing thing to me is that the republicans all seem to think President Obama shouldn’t even select a replacement, and some have said they will refuse to approve anyone no matter how qualified they are. So what, the President of the United States is supposed to just sit there and not select someone?! Under what theory can they legitimately ask a sitting President to not select a new justice? That’s insane.

“Oh hey, Mr. President, we’d really like it if you didn’t do one of the most important things you were elected for. And yeah, we’d really like it if you’d ignore your Constitutional rights and duties and just push this off to the next President. ‘Cause, ya know, we don’t like you.”

This is stupid. Can you imagine how upset they would have pretended to be if he would have immediately announced that he wasn’t going to select anyone? Then they would have been livid (pretended to be) that a President would ignore his duty and not fulfill the requirements of the job he was elected to do. I am almost certain some of them would have called for his impeachment over it. Can you imagine if the democrats had suggested this when President Bush appointed Justice Alito? Fox News would have erupted in such a firestorm of anger at the very suggestion that their anchors would have needed to be sedated. It’s insane.

That’s all I have this week. I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Faerie Queen / Inception Review

Faerie Queen

I just wanted to take a moment to mention that Faerie Queen has been selling pretty well so far. I’m pretty happy. I had a lot of pre-orders that all went through when it went live, and several more sales since then. Thank you to everyone who has downloaded it, and I hope you all enjoy it!



Spoilers Ahead!

We saw this movie the other night. I hadn’t seen it before then, and I really enjoyed it. It is very interesting visually. I can see how this particular movie would have been better in the theater. There was a particular scene that was quite interesting, with the city and roadway bending up over their heads.

The basic concept of the movie is that the main character Cobb, played by Leonardo Dicaprio, and his team are able to share dreams with someone, which give them access to their subconscious and allows them to steal the person’s secrets.

This is complicated by Cobb’s dead wife showing up all the time. Because he can’t let her go and is always thinking about her, he unconsciously inserts her into the shared dreams every time. She died before, after sharing a dream with him and coming back to reality only to be so confused that she thought reality was the dream and that they had to die in the dream to wake up to the real reality and be with their children. Only Cobb knows that they are no longer dreaming, and refuses to let her go through with it. She frames him for killing her, trying to get him to go along with her suicidal plans, and then she leaps to her death. This of course means Cobb is on the run and can’t return to his children because he is wanted for murdering his wife.

But a businessman wants Cobb to insert an idea into someone’s brain through a dream, and he’s willing to help clear Cobb’s name to get him to do so. Cobb agrees, wanting nothing more than to get back to his children. To do so they have to get a competitor to the businessman to break up the company he is inheriting from his father. So Cobb assembles a team to do this, and they go into the man’s dream. And then into a dream within the dream, and a dream within that dream.

Confused yet? Me too.

The movie was sometimes confusing. I’ve read many reviews of this movie, and there seems to be some disagreement about what actually is going on. I’m not sure, honestly. Some people seem to think that the Cobb is still asleep at the end, some don’t think so. Some think the whole movie is taking place in his head, that it’s all his dream.

I peronally think I’m leaning toward that last one. I think Cobb may be dreaming the whole time. I think his wife could have been right, that they were dreaming and if they died they’d wake up. I think she jumped to her death, but that was only within the dream, and she is now back into reality and it is Cobb who is trapped inside the dream. There are a few hints at this, one of which is a spinning top at the end that does now slow down or stop. That is supposedly a sign that he created for himself to prove when he is dreaming or not. At the end of the movie he spins it, but walks off before realizing it doesn’t stop. But the movie ends before we know for sure.