Faerie Queen / Inception Review

Faerie Queen

I just wanted to take a moment to mention that Faerie Queen has been selling pretty well so far. I’m pretty happy. I had a lot of pre-orders that all went through when it went live, and several more sales since then. Thank you to everyone who has downloaded it, and I hope you all enjoy it!



Spoilers Ahead!

We saw this movie the other night. I hadn’t seen it before then, and I really enjoyed it. It is very interesting visually. I can see how this particular movie would have been better in the theater. There was a particular scene that was quite interesting, with the city and roadway bending up over their heads.

The basic concept of the movie is that the main character Cobb, played by Leonardo Dicaprio, and his team are able to share dreams with someone, which give them access to their subconscious and allows them to steal the person’s secrets.

This is complicated by Cobb’s dead wife showing up all the time. Because he can’t let her go and is always thinking about her, he unconsciously inserts her into the shared dreams every time. She died before, after sharing a dream with him and coming back to reality only to be so confused that she thought reality was the dream and that they had to die in the dream to wake up to the real reality and be with their children. Only Cobb knows that they are no longer dreaming, and refuses to let her go through with it. She frames him for killing her, trying to get him to go along with her suicidal plans, and then she leaps to her death. This of course means Cobb is on the run and can’t return to his children because he is wanted for murdering his wife.

But a businessman wants Cobb to insert an idea into someone’s brain through a dream, and he’s willing to help clear Cobb’s name to get him to do so. Cobb agrees, wanting nothing more than to get back to his children. To do so they have to get a competitor to the businessman to break up the company he is inheriting from his father. So Cobb assembles a team to do this, and they go into the man’s dream. And then into a dream within the dream, and a dream within that dream.

Confused yet? Me too.

The movie was sometimes confusing. I’ve read many reviews of this movie, and there seems to be some disagreement about what actually is going on. I’m not sure, honestly. Some people seem to think that the Cobb is still asleep at the end, some don’t think so. Some think the whole movie is taking place in his head, that it’s all his dream.

I peronally think I’m leaning toward that last one. I think Cobb may be dreaming the whole time. I think his wife could have been right, that they were dreaming and if they died they’d wake up. I think she jumped to her death, but that was only within the dream, and she is now back into reality and it is Cobb who is trapped inside the dream. There are a few hints at this, one of which is a spinning top at the end that does now slow down or stop. That is supposedly a sign that he created for himself to prove when he is dreaming or not. At the end of the movie he spins it, but walks off before realizing it doesn’t stop. But the movie ends before we know for sure.

Atari Pridefest / Book Giveaway Results / Kindle Release

So Atari has launched a game called Pridefest. This is great. I hope. It’s one of the only LGBTQ games I’ve ever heard of. Here’s an article about it.

The game description from the play store:

Celebrate the LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer) community with Pridefest™, an interactive social-simulation game that empowers YOU to bring joy and color to your city and friends! As Mayor, it’s your job to restore your city to its former glory by customizing shops, completing quests, making new friends, and running your own Pride parades. Choose your floats and navigate flamboyant parades in fun mini-games. The more creative and jubilant your parade, the more happiness you’ll bring to the city, and the more of the city you’ll unlock! Lead your parade with your own customizable avatar, join or form your own Club, and connect with other players to chat, visit each other’s city, or hang out in your town square.

• Customizable Avatar! Personalize your own avatar with different body types, skin tones, clothes and accessories; Use your avatar to lead your own Pride parade or join a friend’s parade.

• It’s YOUR City! Upgrade your LGBT Center and drab gray buildings into brightly colored businesses and houses, bringing more income to your city, and unlocking more of the city to explore. The residents of these buildings get sad over time, so it’s up to you to run parades by them to keep the party going!

• Be Creative! Create and launch Pride parades by designing your own flotillas, with tons of flamboyant and fun floats to choose from including bikers, LGBT flag-bearers, giant boom boxes, the Eiffel Tower and more.

• Complete Quests! Solve challenges to unlock new parade and festival supplies and receive in-game currency – keep growing until your city is bursting with color!

• Lead Your Parade! Swipe to navigate your parade through city streets and festivals in fun and addictive parade mini-games; Collect power-ups to alter gameplay, while avoiding roadblocks, construction sites, and protestors. The farther you run your parade, the more joy you’ll bring to the city!

• Share Your Pride! Robust social features include in-game chat, the ability to visit each other’s cities, and more. Meet people from around the world and build your own community of Pride!

• Be a Leader of Your Community! An innovative “Club” program allows players to join together to chat and interact on a huge scale. Send messages to your group via in-game billboards, get exclusive news, updates, and more.

Dear friends, please enjoy this exclusive and limited release. We are looking for your feedback to keep adding new features. And if you experience any problem with the game, please let us know, we’ll be happy to help.

I just installed it, I haven’t had a chance to check into it yet. It’s just nice to see that a game is out there that is made for us specifically!

    Book Giveaway Results:

  • Betrayal had over 800 people enter the giveaway
  • Faerie Queen had over 1000 people enter the giveaway

Congratulations to the winners, your books are on their way! And thank you everyone for entering!

Faerie Queen is officially available for Kindle this Sunday. You can still pre-order it until then. I hope you all enjoy it!