Harriet Tubman/4th Circuit Court/Curt Schilling

Well, one of these three don’t quite fit with the others. And yet it does. Kind of interesting.

The Treasury Department announced that it will put Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill, replacing Andrew Jackson. Originally people thought they would put her, or another woman, on the $10 bill, but they will continue with Alexander Hamilton for it, probably because he was the first Secretary of the Treasury. The change will take place in 2020.

I think this is a wonderful selection. Harriet Tubman was a hero to many. She not only led hundreds of slaves to freedom along the Underground Railroad, but also inspired others to stand up against the horrors of slavery. She stood up for suffrage, and even helped John Brown in his efforts leading to the Harper Ferry raid, which eventually helped instigate the US Civil War. Harriet Tubman was a great American, and we should all be proud to have her on our money.

The US 4th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favor of Gavin Grimm, a highschool student who was born female but who identifies as male. His school instituted a rule which required him to use the girl’s restroom. But Gavin sued. The 4th Circuit agreed that the education department was allowed to interpret Title 9 to include protections for trans students, and sent the case back to the lower court to rehear. This is kind of a slap in the face to all those states trying to pass laws to keep trans students out of the bathrooms, I think. Yay!

And in other trans news: Curt Schilling. Oh Curt, what is your problem. You’ve said many things before, but will you never learn? Will ESPN ever learn and just get rid of you?

Mr. Schilling has not only said things such as comparing Muslims to nazis, said that Hillary Clinton should be buried under a jail, and now he has spouted off negatively about transgender people and where they should go to the bathroom. Apparently Mr. Schilling thinks every transman should use the women’s room and every transwoman should use the men’s room. I don’t know what these people think should happen with intersex people.

This whole point of view is very insulting, and I really don’t understand it. If their worry is their little girls may see men’s private parts then they don’t understand that women’s restrooms have stalls. If they worry, as some say, that men will put on a wig and go in and assault their little girls then they are idiots. What sick, horrific, pedophile, rapist is going to say to themselves “Well, I was going to go in there and rape someone, but now that they passed that darn law banning trans people from the bathroom I can’t. Darn it!” That is what some of these people seem to believe. Either that or that all trans people are rapists. Either one is preposterous.

Have a good week!

Ethan Wate as Young Han Solo?

I don’t have much this week, but I read this article talking about who may be cast as a young Han Solo in an upcoming Star Wars stand alone movie.

Let me take a moment to link you to Alden Ehrenreich’s IMDB page.

First off, I don’t know how this is going to work out if he is cast as Han Solo. The only thing I know this guy from is from the horrible movie adaptation of Beautiful Creatures. Okay, horrible may be overstating things. Not good? Less than ideal, at least? Undesirable to watch?

Anyway, he played Ethan Wate in that movie. I loved the book, but the movie kind of seemed… um… maybe like the studio rushed it out hoping to take advantage of all the money being made by Twilight and Hunger Games at that time. The directing was weird, for one. And the actors were not well cast. It just didn’t work. I thought Emmy Rossum would be good as Ridley, but even her performance was weird. The only really bright spot in the movie was Jeremy Irons, who played Macon Ravenwood.

I got sidetracked. Where was I?”

Yes, Alden Ehrenreich as a young Han Solo. I just don’t know if he has the swagger to pull it off. Think of Han Solo in episode 4. This guy is a bit of a scoundrel. A self important smuggler. The only thing he really seems to care about, other than himself, is his ship. Oh, and Chewie. I loved the story arc of Han going from an outlaw who didn’t care about anyone to someone heroic. Sure, if you’ve seen episode 7 then you know he backslides into his old ways, but even then he is redeemed by trying to save the galaxy and his son. It’s a wonderful character (who shot first, because otherwise he’s already a good guy who doesn’t need to change, right?). Anyway, Han had a swagger. A rugged, outlaw way that I just don’t think this guy can handle, based on the one thing I’ve seen him in. I just don’t know. Maybe he’s a much better actor than I think and the movie was just horribly executed. Or maybe he has improved, who knows?

But come on, he’s 5 inches shorter than Harrison Ford!

But we all know I’ll eagerly go watch this movie when it gets to the theater, whoever they cast as Han. And we all know I’ll love it, too. It’s inevitable.

Oh, also in Star Wars news, they are re-releasing the original trilogy in some theaters this summer! And one of them is in KC! I hope I get to go, I’ve never seen any of episode 4, 5, or 6 in the theater. I’m not sure if these re-releases will be the version where Han Shot first, or whether they will include the horrible mistake that George Lucas made of showing Greedo shooting first. I mean how would Greedo miss from that range! It doesn’t make sense!

Everyone have a good week!

American Idol Coming To An End


I have always loved this show. Okay, not always, I only became a convert late in the first season. Still, since then I have been a big fan. And we all knew it had to end eventually, but I have this feeling of horrible sadness over it. From Kelly Clarkson’s winning performance, when she cried, to her last performance a couple of weeks ago, when she cried, it has always been very good show. Sure, there were plenty of times that I completely disagreed with the winner (most of the time, actually), and often my favorite was kicked off early, but I have enjoyed the show.

That being said, I keep hearing little hints that the show may go on, in some other format, after a break. That the only reason they cancelled it was because Fox wanted to cut the budget so low that they couldn’t maintain their production at the level they wanted, and so they are ending their current incarnation, but that it doesn’t mean there won’t be a different incarnation. They haven’t said what that may be, but they keep hinting at this. So here’s what I’m thinking are possibilities:

  • Netflix picks it up. They are becoming more and more known for their original content, and I think this would be a good pick up for them.
  • Facebook livestreams it. This would be great, people would be able to contribute to the live commentary. Maybe they could even figure out a way to do an instant vote system, where you would rate each performance in an ongoing fashion and at the end the totals are tallied and a person kicked off during each show that way, no results show needed.
  • Twitter livestreams it. This is basically the same as Facebook in all respects. This one actually feels most likely of the three, to me.

I’m sure there are a million ideas out there of how to continue the show, all while changing it up. I know Idol began as something so far outside the mainstream that it excited people, so they will want to find some way to get back to that. And I think they are big enough now, and the technology easily exists now, that they can dump the standard television broadcasts in favor of online broadcasts, whatever format that takes.

Just one more quick thing, completely unrelated to American Idol (Other than La’Porsha and Trent both being from there), Mississippi joined North Carolina in passing a hateful, anti-LGBT law that is disguise as a ‘religious freedom’ bill. This seems to be a growing trend. We need to squash this trend now, if not sooner.

It saddens me to think that so many people would look at me and my wife, at the love we share, and think there is something wrong with it. Love is love, people. And for those who fall back on their religion as their reasoning, I offer these two passages: John 13:34 and Matthew 22:38. I’m not exactly a biblical scholar, but if I can find those two passages so easily then so can everyone. Instead they continue on with their hatred. So sad. It seems to me, even if you don’t think we in the LGBT community are choosing the right “lifestyle” (I detest that term), at the very least you should treat us with dignity and respect.

Everyone have a wonderful week!