It’s A New Year

Hi everyone!

Sorry no post last week. I got busy and distracted. Okay, I also got lazy. There, I admitted it. I’ll try not to do it again.

So it’s a new year and for a lot of people that means New Year’s Resolutions.

Don’t those words sound ominous?

Is it just me that thinks those words are ominous?

I really do think those words are ominous.

Why am I still talking about how ominous I think those words sound?

I have to stop using the word ominous!

So… I’m back. Sorry about that. Anyway, I don’t really make those ominous resolutions. It just doesn’t work for me. Let’s face it, most people don’t follow through anyway. But I do sometimes think of things I’d like to improve upon in the new year. I’m not making a resolution, just… planning to try better or make changes in some areas.

So I’m planning on writing a lot more. Way more. Faster, less complex, less troublesome stories. Let’s face it, Freedom’s Fate beat me around and called me bad names for way too long. I don’t want to go through that. Yes, I had to get that story out of me, it was burning in there. That doesn’t mean I want another story that takes me that long and is so structured ahead of time. My usual writing style is to have a basic idea ahead of time and sit with the keyboard letting it flow as it comes. Freedom’s Fate was not that. I love the book, loved writing it, love the characters. I just want to writing something different now.

Don’t worry, book two for Freedom’s Fate is all ready to go. I’ll probably do a quick review of it again in a couple of months, after I’ve had some time away, but I think it’s pretty much all set.

I’m planning to read more this year. Not that I didn’t read much last year, but I just have a lot in my TBR pile that I definitely need to get to. And that doesn’t even include new things that I come across to add to it. I actually have a TBR mountain now, I guess.

I also have to spend some time soon finding a better way to market my books. I have tried a lot of different things in the past, but I don’t think any of them are as effective as I had hoped. I’m still thinking on this one. People can’t read my books if they don’t know they exist, right?

So anyway, there is a lot to do in my new work in progress and so little time in the day. Better go.



Have a great weekend!


Go away you villainous word!

Freedom’s Fate Now Available!

Hello all!

Freedom’s Fate is now available on Kindle!

I’m also doing a free giveaway right now, so if you get there soon you’ll be able to download it for nothing. Nada. Zilch. It’s just a little thank you to everyone for being patient and waiting for this one, which has taken so long to come out.

I’m also doing a giveaway for a paperback on Goodreads soon, so keep an eye out for that. It might be my last giveaway there, since they are changing their system around early next year.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!

Stay safe!

Net Neutrality

So this week the federal government got rid of net neutrality.


Consider me <sarcasm>completely amazed</sarcasm> that this administration would support businesses over individual rights and protections.

Without net neutrality we will have internet providers giving preferential, faster speeds to the businesses that are a part of their corporation. Have Comcast as a provider, sites ran by Comcast are going to be faster. Try to go to something from a competitor and you’ll have a slow, slow, slow connection, or even timeouts and complete blocking.

How this is going to play out (or could, anyway) is that companies like Netflix pay to gain the access on providers. Netflix then passes that cost on to you, through a higher bill. And then, to top it all off, providers may do like cable companies have done in the past, and charge you a tiered rate. Want access to Amazon sites, Comcast may charge you and extra $10 per month. Want to go to Google, well that is going to cost you $5 more per month. So the providers rake in the cash, charging sites for speed and users for access.

It seems there isn’t a regulation, rule, or law that this administration doesn’t want to tear down. At least not ones that actually make sense and help people. They got rid of protections for LGBTQ workers at companies with federal contracts, fair and equal pay for women, weakened workers ability to unionize, and are currently trying to pass a massive tax cut for the rich, which in the process weakens health care access for the poor.

All in a day’s work for this vile man who currently sits in the White House. He bragged about sexual assault on women, settled charges with the government that he had discriminatory practices in housing, and admitted previously that he didn’t pay the contracted price with workers. He is a rich business man who looks out for rich businessmen, and he doesn’t care one iota for anyone else. Sure, he’ll say he does, but only to get votes.

I want President Obama back. Please!