Sergeant Frog

We recently started watching an anime called Sergeant Frog, and it is hilarious! It’s about a platoon of alien frogs who come to Earth to try to take over, but things don’t go so well for them and they end up being separated and captured by human families. Keroro is the titular Sergeant Frog, and the show mainly follows him and his interactions with the human family that finds and captures him. Tamama is one of his underlings, and is staying at another human’s house. I say staying at because it isn’t all that clear if Tamama is actually a captive or just likes living with the family who he is with. There are other funny characters, but we just started watching and I don’t know them well yet.

Apparently this has been around for several years and I just never heard of it. There is a wide range of humor that it completely nails, including a common breaking of the fourth wall that is done in a perfect way.

So how did I not know this was a thing?

I love the characters! Keroro is funny, but I really like Tamama the most. There is very clever humor in this one, I think you should check it out if you haven’t before.

The only way we even knew this existed is because we came across a stuffed frog that looked kind of nerdy at a local flea market here and had to investigate. Amazing what you’ll find out by poking around flea markets.

Everyone enjoy their weekend!

Title Reveal

Hello everybody!

So I mentioned I’d do a title reveal soon. I kind of wasn’t sure I wanted to go through with it so soon, but… why not? Besides, anybody who bothers to even come here and read my boring posts deserves to know, am I right?


Hmm, maybe not quite yet…

Maybe I’ll just talk about the weather being so nice today. It’s beautiful here in KC, isn’t it?

Okay, okay, just kidding!

Freedom’s Fate

I had the hardest time coming up with that title. Wow, it was tough. I’ve never had so much trouble naming a book, story, or random pet before.

So here is a basic tease of the story:

Lieutenant Callie Monroe has wanted nothing more than to become captain of her starship since a tragedy orphaned her at age five. Since then she has blamed poor decision making by the captain at that time for her loss, and has vowed that once she is captain to never allow a child to lose both parents the way she did. Every waking moment has been spent working hard and studying diligently to be prepared when her chance came. Now a second officer at only sixteen, she is finally in a position to make decisions that really matter… just as tragedy strikes again.

Yep, it’s a sci-fi story. I have had this one banging around in my head for years, but never really pushed to write it. It was a lot of work, but it was worth it, I think. I hope once it’s out and ready that everyone likes it.

Everyone have a wonderful weekend!

Editing Coming Along

Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to do a real quick update on my progress finishing up my book.

I’m basically done with the main editing. It has gone really well so far. I did end up adding pages, not cutting, which is a little concerning. This is by far the longest book I’ve written, currently sitting at 594 pages. But hey, that’s where the story went, so that’s fine. I actually didn’t feel like there was much I could cut, and there are actually still areas I sort of wanted to pursue further. The only reason I didn’t go further into those is because I didn’t want to get away from the main story too much.

So what is the book about? At this point I guess I feel like I would describe it as a young girl desperately determined to be the captain of her spaceship, and who at times isn’t quite sure she is capable. It’s about her growth and journey pursuing that while being presented with several emergency situations with her ship and crew. So I guess it’s science fiction, with a touch of a love story between her and a crew mate.

I think my next step in editing is doing one more read through, while simultaneously having my proofreader (aka my wife) read it to find errors I missed and things I could have made clearer. I’m sure we’ll both find things I need to improve. Depending on how many changes I have to make after that (and I expect a few), this could go quickly. I will keep you posted.

Expect a title reveal soon!

Have a great weekend!