Fire Phone

This week Amazon announced that it was introducing its first phone, the Fire Phone. Judging from how well they did the Kindle, I’m sure it’ll be a winner. Eventually. I personally think the best selling point of it is that it comes with a year of Amazon Prime. It also has the Mayday feature that they offer on their new Kindles, which people apparently really like. I’m not sold on their Dynamic Perspective. It sounds very gimmicky to me. I also don’t like that you are locked in with AT&T if you want to get this thing at a decent price. You can buy a non-contract version, but for the phone you get it seems a little overpriced to me. Or at the very least it isn’t the game changer that Amazon should have released. They are putting out a piece of hardware that is designed to make shopping with them easier. They should subsidize that a little and get a nice phone out there for a lower price.

Happy Easter

I hope everyone has a good day with their families. Have fun dying and hiding eggs (and not finding 1 of them until 2 weeks from now, when it starts to stink).

Settlers of Catan


I have just learned to play this game (I know, kinda late to the party), and I think it is so fun! It’s a nice relaxing game that you can play while you talk about your day, your favorite books (hint: Becca and Brynne, Non-Vampire ), or that weird fungus on the bottom of your left nostril. And even while chatting and relaxing, this can still get very competitive! Um… I’m not saying that I personally get upset when someone moves the thief to my tile, but… I mean it could be that I am not entirely happy when it happens. Possibly.

We’ve been playing a lot of 2 player, which the game isn’t really designed for. At first we tried to just play with the regular rules and on the standard board setup, but I found the Borko Rules, and we’ve played that a few times now. I like it better that way, but there still seems to be something off with it. I think removing the second 6 is a mistake, because then the tiles with the 8 on them end up being way more powerful. I’m thinking of trying this with the second 6 in place of the B/H, then moving the 2 (which is the B) over with the 3 (the D), and putting the 12 (the H) with the 11 (the I). I think that would balance out better. I also think the thief is too powerful in 2 player. I wonder how it would work to eliminate the thief completely, and whenever you rolled a 7 you just got a development card. That way you couldn’t completely block someone’s resources for long periods of times, which I’ve noticed is a bigger deal in 2 player.

If anyone has other 2 player variations that work well, please let me know.