Johnson County Museum

I had a chance to go to the Johnson County Museum the other day and it was a really cool little museum. I recommend it to anyone in the area. There’s a lot of talk about how the KC area grew over the years, some stuff about an ammunition plant here that supplied the military for World War II, and even a really slick 1955 Chevy Bel Air.

Sunday there was something in the air here, some pollen or something, and it caused a horrible allergy attack. I took a Benadryl(okay, so it was generic, ’cause I’m frugal like that), and it wiped me out for the whole day. I felt like a zombie. Well, except for the craving brains part. Eww.

You all really should take a look at the Youtube channel SayWhatPabs. His videos are funny. He’s an amusing guy. Go. Subscribe.

I got this magnetic nose stud thingy. I really like it, but it comes off really easily. Like any time I wipe my nose. And I’ve previously mentioned in this post that I have allergies, so ya know… that happens a lot. I’m thinking of getting a real piercing. Of course I need to wait until I find a job. If I had a bad reaction or got an infection it would make it awkward interviewing. I don’t know if many places would hire the girl with the swollen nostril.

Dead Malls

My day was interesting. At least to me. It started so great, then had some dips in the middle.


It all began with a little soak in this pool at the right. That was early this morning, and it was nice. The water was a little chilly, but at least we got to go in for a while without too many people around. I think it was about 80 degrees at the time, so we managed to get in before the real heat of the day hit.

Then after lunch I spent an hour and a half filling out an online job application. Do they intentionally make these things take forever just to kind of filter out people who aren’t that serious?

At that point we decided to visit a really sad place called Metcalf South Mall. I’ve been there before, and I never understood what was going on here. The place is in amazing condition inside. I think some of the decor is a little dated, but with a little updating it looks like it could once again be a nice mall. I don’t know what happened to empty this place out so much, but it is really sad. I never saw the place fully operational, the first time I was ever in there was maybe 10 or so years ago and it already was basically empty at that point. Now the only thing left is Sears, and apparently even that is going away before long, according to this article by KMBC. I know there are a lot of shopping centers in KC, but this one just seems like it should still be busy, and it’s not. Was it high rents, or maybe some traffic access issues I don’t know of? Maybe the stores were offered better deals elsewhere? I don’t get it.

This also leads me to wonder about the idea of dead and dying malls in the US. I remember the first time I ever encountered such a thing. I drove 2 hours to come to KC to do some shopping, and one of the places I had heard a lot about as a kid was Bannister Mall, but I had never been, so we decided to go there. Um… not such a good… it’s like… it was dead! The place was closed. On that trip we found other places to shop, but I remember that really strange feeling of pulling into the parking lot of a closed shopping mall. Weird.

Recently I have been to The Great Mall of the Great Plains. Not dead… yet. I remember a lot of buzz about this when I was younger, when it was opening and brand new. I actually visited this one when it was packed so full of people that you could hardly walk. There were a lot of neat stores there. And now it’s on life support.

I just think it’s sad to see these malls and all the others, iconic symbols of America in a lot of ways, dying off. Instead we’re getting more and more bland outdoor shopping centers while these amazing places go the way of the drive-in theater. Sad.

And that’s how my day wound up; feeling sad for all those poor dead and dying malls. Yes, I know it’s silly to feel sad for stores that are no longer used, but I do. It seems there should be a use for these buildings. Redevelop them into colleges, highschools, anything to keep them open.

You can read more about dead malls at, if you’re interested.

Veggie Chili

Okay, so in an effort to save on calories and eat healthier, we’ve been slowly replacing beef in a lot of our dishes with veggie burger. We’ve eaten Boca brand vegetable burgers pretty much every Friday for over a year now, we really like them. We started cooking those same Bocas, then grinding them in a food processor for things like tacos (really good) and chili (not so good).

Tonight we had veggie chili. Here is the effect:

Blowing Up

Whatever anyone tells you, please, please never do this to yourself or anyone you love! It’s just not worth it!