Betrayal now selling on Amazon

I don’t know if I ever really pointed this out, but Betrayal has moved from pre-ordering to actual release now.

Kind of a serious oversight for an author on their own page not to do that.


Oh well, there’s the link, so you can order it now. It has actually been getting fairly regular sales and a lot of borrows there, so I’m pretty happy about that. Of course more sales, and definitely more reviews, would be nice. So go, read it, review it. Please. I promise I’ll spare a happy thought for you if you review it:)

I’m still working out details in my head for the third book in the series. I have the beginning worked out, for the most part, but the characters haven’t yet told me where it will all go. I’ve been working on a separate book in the meantime, but as soon as I get enough of things fleshed out for this series I will return to it. I’m not sure if the third book will conclude this story arc or not. Even if it were to do that, the world Brynne lives in is huge and opens itself up to all kinds of related stories that I can think of, with or without Brynne in them (though I would kind of prefer to keep writing about her). There could be prequels, sequels from near or far flung futures, anything. We’ll find out where this goes together, I guess.

For those who have read Betrayal , thank you so much! Please review it, or share it with a friend. Self published authors don’t have the marketing teams behind them that big authors have, so it’s very difficult to get the word out there for our stories.

Brynne, Non-Vampire Sequel

I know I should have had this out there before now, but there has been a lot going on in the past few months. Every now and then I come to a point where I temporarily lose the story when i’m writing. I eventually get it back, but I can’t force it. I wouldn’t call it writer’s block, exactly, because I can write other stories without a problem, but I do get hung up. Currently the characters in the Brynne sequel just aren’t talking to me, so I’ve started working on a completely different story. I will come back to this one and finish it up soon, whenever Brynne and Jess decide to speak to me again. Hang in there, it will happen sooner rather than later, I promise.