Still Editing. Sigh.


Can someone please hit me? Not hard enough to kill me or anything, just hard enough to cause amnesia and make me forget this whole editing process.

Why is it so hard?!!!!

Okay, I’m good now. Really. I’m mostly done, I think. I’ve been through it a couple of times, and I think I have it mostly ready. I’m probably going to read over it one more time, and if I get any comments back from the beta readers I’ll clean up those parts.

Then it will be ready, and I can move on to… editing the next book. It never ends.

Like this winter. Can we please just end winter now? Is that too much to ask?

Everyone have a great weekend!

Editing Takes For.Ev.Er


I’m at the point in the editing process where I just want to yank out all of my hair, scream “I’m an airplane” at the top of my lungs, and dump copious amounts of hot gravy over my head.

In other words, I’m right on schedule.

I’m working on finishing up the final book in the Non-Vampire series. I think I like the book, but now is also the time that I start doubting that I even understand what words are, so I can’t be sure yet. What I do know is that this thing will probably be ready and be out for the world to read in just a few short weeks, so that is a very good thing.

And then I can move on to one of my other two projects, both of which have completed first drafts just waiting to be edited and revised.

*Pretent I wrote something really profound and amusing here.*

Have a great weekend!



The thing is, we only really go out and do very much on weekends and vacations. So a weekend is coming up, and of course we’re expected to get half a foot of snow. Yay. Just yay.

So I like snow and all, who doesn’t love the look of a snow covered field with rolling hills, or maybe a wooded area where all the treetops are white and showing their leafless glory? But why does it always seem to come on the weekends!?

Anyway… on to something else.

I’m editing book 3 of Non-Vampire series right now. Actually right now. I took a break to post this. It’s going well, I expect to release this sometime in a few weeks.

The Chiefs play the Colts in the playoff game this weekend, so that might be exciting. It’s a home game, so we’ll see what effect the snow will have. Of course I’m more of an Eagles fan (for forever, actually), but I root for the Chiefs too. It would be very nice to see those two meet in the Super Bowl.

Which means the Eagles need to upset the Saints this weekend. Not sure if that is going to workout, but I hope so. I am not counting them out, for sure. This Eagles team is battered, but they are still the same team who won the championship last year. There is still a chance. Plus, they played pretty good against some excellent teams at the end of the season. I know their secondary is mostly injured, and you might even see a random janitor out playing cornerback when games start for all you know, but they are still a good team. And nobody is going to completely stop the Saints’ air attack, so if the Eagles can just pressure the QB they may have a chance.

Anyway, back to editing.

Have a good weekend!