Beyond Freedom Is Here

Hello all!

So I am finally releasing the exciting(I hope) sequel to Freedom’s Fate: Beyond Freedom. You can currently preorder it on Amazon, and it will officially go on sale May 9th. Here is the description:

Guilt over the loss of the crew of the Freedom and its sister ship Atlantic Gale weighing on her, not wanting to be in charge, and not feeling worthy of leading, Callie is thrust into the role of saving the human race. Crash landing on a small moon that scanned as possibly supporting life, Callie leads her crew of a dozen who may be the very last human beings in existence. Little did she know when they landed that their lives were going to get much more complicated very quickly. Can she rise to the occasion and save not only her group, but possibly even the lives of an indigenous people? And what will become of her relationship with her girlfriend Anna during this turbulent time?

And here is the finalized cover:

Beyond Freedom Cover

I’m excited!

Everyone have a wonderful rest of the week and weekend!

Alternating Points Of View

Hi everyone!

So, I’ve been thinking really hard, and doing some planning for, my next work. And after thinking about it, I am really considering telling the story from two perspectives. I’ve never written from dual POV before, but I think it will not only make the story more understandable and relatable, but also expand a storyline that previously would only be hinted at through conversations with the main character. I’m almost 100% sure I’m going to do it this way, but I need to think through the balance part of it. It will require a little more planning than I was expecting, but with the story I have in mind I think it will really improve things.

Plus, it’ll be something completely different, and that automatically makes it more interesting to me. At least until it’s just stressful. We’ll see.

The only problem with that next story is that I keep having another story poke its little nose into my thoughts. The other story will be filled with quirky characters. At least it will now. That’s what keeps popping into my head. All these odd character traits keep invading my thoughts, making me laugh. My favorite will be the biology teacher, Mrs. Nausbaum, who will have incredibly prominent nose hair that she refuses to trim because she has a phobia of sharp things near her nose. There is just character after character that has these oddities, and they keep coming at me.

But I will be faithful to the story I have already started writing in my head. The one with the trans character. Because I’ve switched stories mid-write before, and it never goes as well as I hoped.

So now I just need to finish up my description for the soon to be released Beyond Freedom so I can actually start selling the thing. It’s so hard!

I have removed my Brynne, Non-Vampire from enrollment in KDP Select so I can sell it other places and be in compliance with Amazon’s rules. I think I’m going to go through Smashwords and try putting my book on iBooks, Google Play Books, Nook, etc. I don’t really think it’s going to be a huge seller, but it may open up some new readers to me. Who knows, if it works out then I may pull other books off Select and list them in the other places as well.

I am going to be heading out of town to visit family this weekend. Wish me luck.

Have a good weekend!

Getting There

Happy Spring, Everyone!

So last week I took some time off with my wife, who was having a spring break at work. It was relaxing, and fun, and we enjoyed our extra time together. And then reality set in, and I was a little sad on Sunday because I knew Monday morning would come soon and we’d be apart during the work day.

So this week I’ve been back to work on my work in progress, and it seems to be coming along well. I’m getting to that point where I’m ready for this thing to end, but excited at the ending I’ve come up with and wanting to really concentrate on making sure it is right. I’m right there, probably 7-8000 words away at most. I’m both sad and happy that this one is ending. Kind of sad because it will probably be the final chapter of the Non-Vampire series. I don’t know if I’m ready to let go of Brynne and Jess yet, but it seems like where things are.

But I’m happy to end this book and get started on the next, which I’m pretty sure will have a transgender main character. There is still an outside chance I could change my mind and write the story idea I have with the girl living in her car.

It’s probably going to be the one with the trans character.

I’m also closing in on releasing book two of Freedom’s Fate. The artwork for the cover is nearly done, and I like what the artist did with it. Once that is finished up, and my current draft of my work in progress is done, I’ll go back through that one and make sure I’m ready to release it to the world. If so, it’ll go on a Kindle Scout campaign, then released when that is done. I’m just assuming here that my Scout won’t be chosen, but it is a good advertising platform for a new book anyway, and there’s always a tiny outside chance.

So yeah, two books nearly ready to go, another about to be started. It’s looking to be a good 2018 for my writing.

I just want to take a moment here to say that I am 100%, completely, beyond a doubt in support of the students who walked out of class to protest gun violence in this country. And I completely support the marches that will be taking place across Washing D.C. and across the country this weekend.

We have to stop these shootings.

Arming teachers is not the answer.

More guns doesn’t stop anything.

And the argument that an active shooter will never enter a school because they’ll be too afraid is a bunch of crap. It just is.

Keep protesting, young people. Keep fighting for your right to sit safely in a school and learn about chemistry and math instead of how to hide in a closet if a shooter comes. Keep marching until people my age and older all get the message and actual do something, instead of just offering “thoughts and prayers” in the aftermath.