New Bikes, New Books

Fancy meeting you here, stranger!

This week we got some new folding bicycles. We’ve been thinking of getting some bike so we can take them out to some of the trails around the metro, as well as take them with us when we travel out of town possibly, for quite a while now. So the other day we took the plunge and bought these:

Wait, wait, that’s not it. Here is the actual image of it all folded up in our living room:

And here is the link to the actual store listing, showing a better image:

I’ve started my new book, which is still officially untitled at this point, even though I have a general idea what the title will be. This is the book with a trans main character, and also my first ever book writing from a dual point of view. I’m about two chapters in, and so far I’m really enjoying the dual point of view. Granted, it’s early to tell if writing dual POV is going to work out, but I’m hopeful.

The interesting thing with the dual point of view is that I can show a whole lot more than I could before, and it also allows me to easily skip over some of the more boring points. It allows a natural time break, and even somewhat helps when there is a lull. When things get slow I can just swap to the other character and everything is fresh again. It also allows me to explore their different attractions and how those develop. I’m really enjoying this. It’s pretty scary, being the first time I’ve tried this, but I’m doing okay with it. I think.

Beyond Freedom is now officially available on Amazon.

Everyone have a great weekend!

Beyond Freedom Cover Reveal


This week I just kind of planned out how I was going to handle the release of the next book, plus did some work finishing off the cover (Had cover image done by someone, but I add the text) and converted files so they’ll be ready to go onto Amazon. In short, it was a lot of work and still felt like I was accomplishing nothing.

Today we went out to a couple of thrift stores around, just because we enjoy treasure hunting. While we were out, we found an interesting looking little stuffed platypus, and a Venezuelan Snoopy that neither of us has ever seen before.

My wife is a huge Snoopy fan, so we’re always looking for Snoopy stuff, and she was born in Venezuela. This was really cool to find.

We also went to Taco Bell today, and we somehow accidentally wound up with extra Triple Layer Nachos. We didn’t really want to eat that much, but rather than throw them away we decided to eat them. So now I’m so stuffed I’m actually uncomfortable.

Yeah, I know: you don’t really care that I’m too stuffed.

So yes, Beyond Freedom will be coming out soon. And here is a tentative cover reveal:

I’m still, even this late in the game, open to some changes in that cover, so it isn’t set in stone. I’d say there is a 70/30 chance that is the final layout. We’ll see very soon.

Everyone have a good weekend, and I hope you’ll check back soon for more news on Beyond Freedom’s release.

Some Updates On Things


So this week I’ve been doing a read through of Beyond Freedom, the sequel to Fate of Freedom. I’ve gone through it, fixed a couple of typos I missed during editing, changed a couple of words to something that worked better, and I think it’s ready to go. Just waiting on a cover and I can assembled all this for release.

I’ve also started giving more thought to putting the first Brynne book on Apple, Google Play, or even for the Nook. My thinking is that I may have to give up exclusivity for that book on Amazon, meaning I lose the reads from people who borrow through Kindle Owner’s Lending Library and Kindle Unlimited, but I may gain access to new readers who have never read my stuff before. Right now that is more important to me, at least small scale (as in 1 book to try it out), than the sales are. Just thinking about it for now.

And the reason I’m thinking about that is that I’d like to time that with the release of the last book in the Brynne trilogy, which is complete (sans editing) and should be ready for release in a few months.

Okay, I’ve been waffling back and forth between a couple of stories lately in my decision of what to write next, but I’ve pretty firmly come down on the side of the one with the trans main character. I just needed to work out a couple of the early details that concerned me first, but after some research and thought I think I have that lined out in a way that will work. Which means I can start writing soon. Yay!

It has been wonderful in KC the past couple of days, with the exception of some brief rain this morning. And then I saw the weather report and saw that it was going to get below freezing this weekend. Again. What is up with this never ending winter!?

You will probably be able to pre-order Beyond Freedom soon, so stay tuned!

Have a great weekend!