Dual Point Of View Pitfalls


So I’ve been working on a new story that involves two separate point of view characters, alternating back and forth between the two from one chapter to the next. I have never done this before, and I had my reservation about it when I began. It seemed like an interesting way to twist this story to make it work well. I like the idea a lot.


It creates some interesting problems. While I like the idea knowing more than the characters know at any given time, it does remove a bit of the mystery and conflict. Sometimes, it seems to me, part of the fun of a story is the frustration you have when you know something the character doesn’t and you just can’t see why they don’t see it. “Just tell her how you feel!” I hear myself shouting at times. But now I have to hold myself back from showing too much of the internal dialog of the characters sometimes, because it may explain away something that I want the readers to still wonder about, that I want the readers to still be frustrated about.

So yeah, there’s kind of something here I never quite thought of in these terms before, but a lot of times the big conflict in a book can not happen so much between the characters, but instead between the actions of the characters and what the reader wants of them. That frustration is sometimes all the conflict you need, not two characters battling against one another within the story, and not even the character facing roadblocks along their journey.

So yeah, this is probably really obvious to everyone, but the real conflict can sometimes be between reader and what is on the page. And looking back, I can see that I’ve even done that in my own works previously, so it’s not exactly a groundbreaking thought here. It’s just something that had never occurred to me in such terms.

Sometimes I’m a slow learner:)

Enjoy your weekend!

Fifth Anniversary


Friday, May 18th 2018 is our fifth anniversary!

I am so amazed that it has already been five years. It seems like it was just yesterday that we were meeting up to go to the zoo for our first date. Ah, wandering around in the zoo looking for an exhibit that I remembered but had been replaced since my last visit. I’m really surprised she put up with me!

I’m even more surprised that she has put up with me for this long. My wife is the most loving, supportive, and wonderful person of all time. Beautiful too!

Happy fifth anniversary, my love. I hope this amazing ride never ends.

New Bikes, New Books

Fancy meeting you here, stranger!

This week we got some new folding bicycles. We’ve been thinking of getting some bike so we can take them out to some of the trails around the metro, as well as take them with us when we travel out of town possibly, for quite a while now. So the other day we took the plunge and bought these:

Wait, wait, that’s not it. Here is the actual image of it all folded up in our living room:

And here is the link to the actual store listing, showing a better image:

I’ve started my new book, which is still officially untitled at this point, even though I have a general idea what the title will be. This is the book with a trans main character, and also my first ever book writing from a dual point of view. I’m about two chapters in, and so far I’m really enjoying the dual point of view. Granted, it’s early to tell if writing dual POV is going to work out, but I’m hopeful.

The interesting thing with the dual point of view is that I can show a whole lot more than I could before, and it also allows me to easily skip over some of the more boring points. It allows a natural time break, and even somewhat helps when there is a lull. When things get slow I can just swap to the other character and everything is fresh again. It also allows me to explore their different attractions and how those develop. I’m really enjoying this. It’s pretty scary, being the first time I’ve tried this, but I’m doing okay with it. I think.

Beyond Freedom is now officially available on Amazon.

Everyone have a great weekend!