Faerie Queen

Looking for reviewers

My new book is coming along, and will be ready to release before very long. I’m finishing up the last of the editing, so it will be in the next couple of weeks if I can get everything lined up in time.

So here comes the part where anyone reading this can help out. I would like to get some early reviews up on Amazon and Goodreads when I list it. Because of this, I’m willing to send out a free copy to about 10 people in hopes of getting honest reviews posted. I can’t require it, but if you’re willing to give it a read and then later post a review if you like it, I’d appreciate.

Keep in mind, this book is about a teen girl who ends up in the faerie realm (not the Tinkerbell kind of faeries).

Anyone who is interested please contact me. I’ll add you to the list of potential reviewers and let you know.

Faerie Book/Royals In Series/Undertale

It has been a while since my last post. I’m going to have to get better at that. I really intended to post last week, but on top of still getting over a bad cold, I just had a lot going on.

Faerie Book (not yet titled)

Despite that, my new faerie story is coming along very well. I’m maybe 80% done with the main part of the story, I think. That’s not to say there isn’t a lot of work left. Here’s what I think I have to finish up:

  • Finish ending of story: This involves writing down what I mostly have worked out in my head already. Of course I don’t know what my main characters will throw at me. I don’t know how others do it, but in my writing process I kind of pick a direction and the characters sort of tell me where we’re really going. Sometimes they say or do things I didn’t expect, so there’s always that chance here.
  • Update character and place names: This may sound like an odd thing to do this far into the story, but there are so many characters here, in a completely different and made up world, and I gave them all names during the writing process, but some I wasn’t completely satisfied with. It’s amazing, but when creating a completely mythical world where several races of intelligent creatures exist, you actually kind of need to come up with a naming convention for each race of people or you wind up with a story that feels inauthentic. How many faeries would be named Bob, for example. Not saying you can’t have a faerie named Bob, but there probably should be an explanation for that. It also makes sense that different types of creatures would have names with a different tone or feel to them, so I need to verify and correct some character, and especially location names because of this.
  • Add texture: By this I mean things like giving details that will really make this world come to life. This is very related to the naming of things. I need to add just enough details to give readers a vision of the world and jumpstart their imagination without overdoing it and stifling their imagined version of the world.

So yeah, there’s a lot left. 80% done with the main story doesn’t mean the work is almost completed. The editing and revising process for me is almost as time consuming as the writing. Sometimes even more. Add to that, I have plans right now to include a basic map of this new world, and I have to create that map as well. Lots of work to do!

Royals in World Series

The local team is back in the World Series! Woo Hoo! I was not a huge Royals fan before moving up here, but once you live in a city you kind of feel a need to root for the local team at least a little. And then you get caught up in the excitement of everyone else, too. And then to top that off, it had been so long since they went until last year, and last year they weren’t able to complete the task. It all adds up to a lot excitement!

Way to go Royals!


Undertale is a really cool game that we were introduced to by my brother-in-law. We spent hours and hours the past couple of weeks just… well, basically watching him play this. Amazingly, this game is as fun to watch as it is to play. Especially if you grew up with NES and Atari games. (Yes, some of us are getting older… deal with it.) The graphics are very 8 bit-ish, very NES-like, but the music is quite a bit better than anything from the time of the NES.

The whole game kind of keeps references to your character’s gender completely neutral, which was interesting. You don’t choose to play as a girl or boy, you just name the character and begin. Plus, the character is neutral in design, so you don’t wind up with a male character named Allison, or whatever, so that’s really good. The programmers went out of their way to do this, and it shows and it is very pleasant.

And not to be a spoiler, but there are many characters here who are quite possibly bi or gay. The really cool part about that is that it’s not even talked about, it just is part of the story and comes across as completely natural and normal. Such a rare thing when it comes to relationships in games.

I’m not going to spend a lot of time telling you the story or ruining the game for anyone, but there are a lot of fun little secrets and puns in here, and the whole game is just wacky. I recommend everyone give it a try, it’s definitely worth it. And very long, amazingly, though it never drags and time flies as your playing, so you just end up getting a great value when you buy it.

I give it a 4.5 Temmie’s