Frozen/Ender’s Game

I finally got around to seeing these two movies in the past few days. I know, I must be the last person in the U.S. to see them, but I didn’t feel any real compelling need to see either of them, based on the advertising and I have some issues with the author of Ender’s Game.

Frozen: This was your typical cutesy Disney movie. The first half or so had a lot of music. The characters were very cute, and very easy to like. The only thing different between this and most Disney movies is that the real bad guy isn’t clearly pointed out at the beginning. There are a couple of characters that seem to be possibly bad guys along the way, but you really don’t find out who the actual evil one is until near the end.

I remember when this movie was in theaters there were a lot of anti-gay people saying it was just an example of all the bad things, that it was pushing the gay agenda, that the movie would teach their children that being gay was okay. Um… I don’t get it. I mean I really, really, really don’t get it. And I’m gay, so… you’d think I’d pick up on these things. What about this movie makes any kind of statement about being gay? Seriously? What, maybe Oaken’s family in the sauna? I mean… well it shows a bunch of people in a sauna, and one of them is a guy, so if you are really stretching for something that you think is supportive of gays this would be the only thing. And it’s a real stretch. It’s his family. Could be a brother, a cousin, anyone. But anti-gay people seem to think it must be his partner. It’s crap, and it shows how far some will go to argue that the “gay agenda” is ruining society. Fail on their part.

I really liked Frozen, and I recommend you see it if you haven’t yet.

Ender’s Game: This movie was something I was kind of wanting to see, kind of not, for the longest time. I had several people tell me how great the book is, how great the movie is, and that I had to see it. I also knew that Orson Scott Card was a bigoted homophobic jerk, which made it hard for me to support anything he did in any way. But I caved and finally rented it from Red Box.

The movie was decent. I remember a lot of people thinking the main kid was stiff and they didn’t think he did such a good job of acting. I haven’t read the book, but to me that’s just how the character seems to be. I don’t think the actor did such an awful job, I just think the character was kind of stiff in a lot of ways.

What I didn’t like was Harrison Ford’s performance. I loved him as Han Solo, loved him as Indiana Jones (even in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull). I did not like his performance here. It seemed kind of… I don’t know, phoned in, maybe? I was not impressed with him here. At all.

I did like the movie. It was good, and I think you should see it (even if you can’t stand the author). I wasn’t thrilled with the ending, but overall I think it was good.

Dark Angel

Lately, I’ve been re-watching the entire Dark Angel series. If any of you haven’t seen it, it’s about a genetically engineered girl played by Jessica Alba, who is designed by a secret government agency to be the perfect soldier. It’s really good! I recommend it to everyone.

Star Wars Episode VII

I hear that the new Star Wars script is finished, and the movie is supposed to be out in I’m excited! From what I understand, Luke, Leia, and Han are all going to be back. I am happy to hear this, however less happy about the possibility of Luke in a lightsaber battle, looking stiff and past his prime. I really hope the original characters take on more of a mentor role in the new movie. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it turns out as well as we all hope.