Faerie Queen

Faerie Queen

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Ever since Cecilia came into 17 year old Renee’s life they have been inseparable. This all changes when Cecilia tells Renee that she must leave immediately – and asks Renee to join her. Renee’s world is turned upside down when she finds herself in a faerie kingdom as part of Cecilia’s plan to avoid having to choose a husband. Things go wrong, however, and Renee’s true feelings for Cecilia, a faerie princess in this unknown realm, cannot remain hidden for long as they battle upheavals and betrayals in this incredible and magical land.

Faerie Queen is targeted at young adults, and has very mild swearing and some violence.

“This book was awesome! It was fun, cute and wonderful.”-Merin, Laugh And Be Meri

“I really enjoyed this YA lesbian romance. The author does a great job of creating a bridge that helps you suspend belief and take the journey from normal real world to a realm where there truly is magic. She does so while including a wonderful teanage first and forever love scenario.”-Critty Cal, Amazon