Becca is the story of Rebecca Lang, a 17 year old girl. The world is at war, fighting against wide-spread terrorist militias who have chemical and biological weapon capabilities. Becca’s best friend, Natasha, is the daughter of a biologist who was sent to Germany to help counter the biological weapons the enemy may use. Tasha came to stay with Becca’s family when her mother and father shipped out.

Now Becca has reached a point where she can no longer hide who she is from her family and friends. She summons the courage to come out as a lesbian to her family and to Tasha, but as she struggles whether to tell Natasha her true feelings for her, the U.S. is attacked. The weapons used spread a fog which kills most, and leaves infected survivors as zombie-like monsters who crave blood. The attack spreads quickly, threatening the entire country, in a matter of hours.

To keep them safe, Becca’s father charges her with getting her little sister, Bridget, Bridget’s friends Amber and David, and Tasha to Becca’s uncle’s cabin in the Colorado mountains while he and Becca’s mother go to help other family members to safety. Becca doesn’t want to be in charge, hates the very idea of being in charge, but is forced to because nobody else has been able to remain calm and in control.

Becca is targeted to a young adult audience. It contains a little mild swearing, some violence, and very mild sexual content. There is no graphic sexual content or extreme violence.

“Would love a second book in the series!”-Critty Cal, on Amazon

“I would definitely recommend it to others.”-Mandalyn, on Amazon

“I couldn’t put it down once I started reading it.”-lisa radley, on Amazon