In Betrayal Brynne and Jess have just graduated highschool, but before they even have a chance to celebrate, the Venator Inmortuorum come calling with a mission for them. Brynne and Jess are forced to move away from home, to a city where children are disappearing, to help find the killers. They soon find out there are creatures in the world who are worse than vampires. The Venator Inmortuorum agent who was supposed to be in charge leaves, refusing to work with a couple of ‘vampires’, even to find killers. Instead his daughter takes over as the agent in charge, and Brynne’s attraction to her may be a problem, especially with Brynne’s new girlfriend. Along the way a face from the past reappears, causing confusion and problems for Brynne and those around her.

Betrayal is targeted at young adults, and has very mild swearing and some violence.

“A series which deserves notice from any serious urban fantasy fan….a hidden gem.”-Prime customer, Amazon