Brynne, Non-Vampire

Brynne, Non-Vampire tells the story of Brynne Campbell, a girl who isn’t quite like the other girls. As much as she would like to fit in with others, she must always keep her distance, knowing she will either have to move on in a couple of years or risk people noticing that she doesn’t age.

Things are different now, since becoming best friends with Jessica Sloan. She knows she must reveal what she is to Jess and risk losing the only true friend she has ever had. News reports of grisly murders with an all too familiar pattern push her to tell Jess now, before she is ready.

As the body count rises and more and more reports come out, Brynne is forced to face the fact that she may not be the last of her kind, as she had always thought.

While struggling to deal with these others, she also struggles in her personal life, finally admitting to herself and others that she is gay. Now with people in her life who she loves, she can’t run away from her problems as she would in the past. Now she must face the problems, and risk her own life to protect those she loves.

Brynne, Non-Vampire is targeted at young adults, and has very mild swearing and some violence.

” I would definitely recommend this book. And I hope that there is sequel to this book and soon.”-Riah L., on Amazon

“Despite the passive, kind nature of the heroine, the series has plenty of action and manages to develop deeper characters than most examples of the genre.”-Prime customer, on Amazon

“Awesome Read.”-L. Owens, on Amazon