Thank You, Canada!

It has been a very divisive election season. Probably the most divisive in my entire life, and that includes all the embarrassing stuff people were saying about President Obama. I know it gets to us all sometimes, but it is sadly a necessary evil in our system sometimes. Even if it gets us down.

But the other day I came across an article talking about this weird thing that is happening on Twitter. Canadians are trying to cheer us up. They are leaving comments about all the great things about our country, the things they totally love. Sure, it is sometimes done in a joking way, but I think this is really fun and nice. Some ad agency started it, but it just took off. I read through a few of the posts, and they are so nice!

There is also a Youtube video for this:

So as you can see, despite what some may say about how America is losing our greatness, or isn’t great anymore, that’s not what all others see from the outside. Sure, we have our problems, but we’re still pretty great.

To all of our Canadians friends who were so nice, this American would like to say Thank You! I think you’re pretty great too!