Mass Effect

Recently we started playing Mass Effect.
I really like it! We were looking for something to play after we finished Dragon Age: Inquisition, which we completely loved. We tried replaying Dragon Age: Origins, but we just needed a break from that.


You can see the trailer for Mass Effect here. It shows a male Shepherd, which is the character you play, but you can customize the gender and looks of Shepherd. Unfortunately, you can’t customize the voice. There seems to be only one female voice and one male voice, from what I can tell. It sort of fits for the character we created, but I liked being able to select from a couple in the Dragon Age games.

The game is very amazing, visually. It is very much like KOTOR, thematically, and it almost feels in some ways like it would fit into a Star Wars game franchise, other than it is set very much in the future and there is no force or light sabers. Though there is something similar to the force with biotics.I actually think this may be better than either KOTOR games, and I loved those.

One thing that has annoyed me about the game is the lack of options for gay characters. Dragon Age: Origins was created by the same company, Bioware, and it had at least some ability to have a relationship with a same sex character. I personally liked the way Dragon Age: Inquisition (which was not by Bioware) handled it better (though not your possible love interests), by having characters you may flirt with who will politely rebuke your advances. But in Mass Effect, you seem to have only one option for a non-hetero love interest, and it’s a character whose species really doesn’t have male and female. That seemed kind of a crappy way to do things. Yes, the character is very female in presentation, but I didn’t like that way of doing it. It’s basically a same sex relationship, if you’re playing a female Shepherd, but it kind of has a hedge. Bioware is better than that.

So far the controls of the game, while way different than other games and not at all what I like, have actually worked out. It takes a bit of getting used to, because you walk with the keyboard, but turn yourself left and right with the mouse. Feels odd, but once you get it down it seems to work. I like what I know of the story line, and the characters themselves are very interesting, as well as all of the graphics. I really like the game, and encourage anyone who hasn’t tried it to do so.

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