Florida Gov. Declines Extending Voter Registration In Areas Hit By Matthew

This is stupid, but the governor of Florida is refusing to extend the registration time period for people who live in the areas being pounded by hurricane Matthew. The governors of both Georgia and South Carolina, also in Matthew’s path, have already extended their deadline, but Governor Scott is keeping the deadline to register at Tuesday, even for the people who are under mandatory evacuation orders.

According to the article by NBC News, 86,000 people registered in the final 8 days before the deadline in 2012. So Governor Scott thinks all those people who were planning to register during the next couple of days (say, maybe, people who have been working and couldn’t get off until now?) should have to choose to ignore a mandatory evacuation order and risk death (he said himself that this storm will kill you) to exercise their constitutional right to vote, or else lose that ability? Oh wait, not even that, because I am fairly certain the offices where you register are closed in that area, right?

This is playing politics with people’s lives and using a natural disaster for political gain. The areas under evacuation order are heavily democratic leaning, and Governor Scott is a republican. Also, statistics show that for some reason democrats are the ones who register closer to the deadline, and in 2012 40% of voters registering in the last 8 days were democrats, while only 21% were republicans. To top that off, Governor Scott endorsed Donald Trump in March. It makes sense that, in the state that always seems to have election problems and corruption, he would use his power to take advantage of this storm to help the man he wants to become president.

To be clear: I don’t support this type of disgusting misuse of official powers from anyone, whether they support Trump, Clinton, or someone completely different, and I would be angry about it no matter who did it.

As always, it is my feelings that people should carefully think about who they want as president. Who do you honestly believe will be better for people overall, not just you, and do not just look at any one issue. Once you do that, please vote your conscience.