Chiefs Win

Well, it’s football season again. I have been rooting for the Chiefs the last couple of years, since they hired Andy Reid as their coach. The thing is, I’m not originally from KC, so I didn’t have quite the same local connection as those who did, and as I do have now. But I’ve been a Philadelphia Eagles fan since I was a kid, so when the Chiefs hired the former Eagles coach I had to start rooting for them. And now that I live here, it makes sense as well.

The Chiefs beat the Houston Texans yesterday, 27-20. I didn’t get a chance to see the game, but from looking at the results on ESPN, it looks like the Texans bumbled everything up pretty badly early on. But it also looks like the Chiefs allowed the Texans to get back close at the end. This is a problem that I saw many, many times when Andy Reid was with the Eagles. He is a brilliant coach, but in the past his teams have gone way too conservative on defense with a lead late in games and allowed teams to come back on them. I don’t know if that’s what happened in yesterday’s Chiefs game or not, but I do know it happened a couple of times last year, and Andy Reid needs to address this one weakness in his coaching for the Chiefs to be able to take that step into elite, Superbowl quality status.

Tonight my favorite team, the Eagles, will be playing against the Atlanta Falcons. I’m a little nervous about all the changes they have made this year, but I’m hoping for the best. I always thought Sam Bradford was underrated in St. Louis, and had some bad luck on the injury front and didn’t have the personnel around him to excel. I’m hoping those issues are improved in Philadelphia. He has the talent to be a great QB, but he has to stay in the game to do so.

Hope everyone enjoys this NFL season, and I really hope to see the Chiefs and Eagles face each other in February. It would sting to root against the Chiefs in the Superbowl, but the Eagles edge them out in my heart.

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