Vague Book Talk

I’ve been working on my book with the robot. I have run into some issues that I have to work out here, though. Mostly, there is a point when I need a character to make a realization, and it’s important that I lay the groundwork correctly. There needs to be enough evidence for this character without someone just coming out and saying it to them. I’m trying to drop hints along the way, but it’s hard. I need it to be obvious for the reader, but not so much for the character, which is a difficult line to walk.

And that was all probably really vague. Argh. Still, it’s a work in progress, so I’m not saying too much about it here.

So what else is going on in life?

I’ve had a strange feeling that there is another story percolating somewhere in the back of my brain, and it might be a good one if I can just figure out what the heck it is. I don’t even have characters yet, just a vibe that there are pieces falling into place, which is a vibe I’ve gotten a couple of other times with other books. We’ll see where that goes.

We had an old Commodore 64 that would only show a blue screen, no text. We got that fixed (bad basic rom chip), but now we’ve found that there are memory issues, so we have to dig into that. Parts are on order, so we might move on to see if we can get that old TRS-80 working.

We’re planning on trying a bread maker. It just seems the gluten free bread we find is incredibly bad or too expensive, so I’m going to give making it myself a shot. I’ve made bread at home, but I just want to see if this makes it a bit easier. Also, I’ve never really made a yeast bread, so we’ll be trying that soon.

So anyway, everyone have a great weekend.