Working On New Story

So yeah, working on story with the robot. I’m kind of liking where it is going, but it needs some tweaking here at the beginning. Also, I’ve already renamed a major character. Her name just didn’t sound right to me. It’s better now than later on.

So how do character names affect the character perception, anyway? I mean this is actually something I think a lot about. When was the last time you saw a mob boss named Wally? Or a President named Delbert? A brilliant scientist named Tawny? We all know they can be named that, but it’s not our first thoughts with those names. At least not mine. I picture Wally as an easy going going, maybe shop keeper or gardener, for example.

So maybe the fact that I can’t think of those names in those roles is the biggest problem. I suppose that makes sense. A name has to feel right to me for me to get in the head of the character while I write them. Unless they are a side character, I have to be very careful with names. I could see writing a character whose name doesn’t fit their personality or role in the story at all, either as a form of misdirection or just ironically, but it would take a very special situation for me to feel comfortable doing that.


Last night I pulled up the video for the song ‘Same Love’, by Macklemore & Lewis. I just thought I’d listen to it quickly and go on. Instead I started thinking of the first time I heard it, and also the first time I heard it along with my wife. We weren’t married yet, but we were pretty much set on doing that as soon as we possibly could. Anyway, I remember that night, and I remember fighting back tears in the car. I know it’s just a song, really, but it’s the thought behind in it.

We’ve come a long way in that short time since that song came out. It seems like there are those out there who are attacking at all times, trying their very best to claw back all our hard fought rights. But the thing to remember is where we were at that time and where we are now. These were a couple of guys in a part of the music industry that wasn’t exactly the most gay-friendly part. They did this anyway. Yeah, they became more famous and popular for it, but it was a huge risk for them. I think they did it because they felt strongly that it was the right thing.

It’s little things like that which ended up changing hearts and minds in this country. It’s going to take more, for sure, but that was a small step. Marriage equality had a lot of things stacking up against it at the time, but we overcame all that and now can all marry. There are more battles to win, such as ENDA, but it’s going to take people making little stands for what they believe in. If you make those little stands when you feel strongly, others sometimes come along. A few at a time, but then that few brings a few with them, and they bring a few with them, and supporters grow. I think we need to try to focus less on the negatives–the administration we have that is pushing so hard against LGBTQ people, for one– and instead focus on taking steps and bringing others along. At least that is what I try to remind myself.

Anyway, everyone have a great weekend!