Still Querying / PSA About Tire Shops

Yeah, I’m still sending out queries. So many different ways that agents want you to send things in, so little time. But that’s fine, it’s the process.

I am terrible at updates.

I swear I did a post last week. It is nowhere to be found, but I remember typing up a nice long post, but for some reason it didn’t stick. I don’t know if I didn’t save it or what. It was a bog long post complaining about queries and giving recommendations on how this could be improved (at least from the author side.) It wasn’t that interesting anyway, so there’s that:)

It is so hot here right now. It’s not that extreme from the sound of things, around 90ish, but it feels like we’re all in danger of going up in flames the second we step out the door.

Maybe I’m just a wimp?

We got new tires on one of our cars yesterday. When we got home I double checked the lug bolts were tight and that the air pressure was about right. Let’s just say a bad experience with service taught me to always double check their work, at least to the extent you can.

So anyway, the bolts were good, but the tires were all aired up way too high. About 8 psi on each tire, based on the tire pressures they are supposed to have and which is printed inside the driver side door. If they had all been aired to the exact same pressure I would have understood how it happened, because that would probably mean they just air them to a certain amount when they mount them and don’t look at the sticker. But the front tires on this car air to 29 and the rear tires to 36. They aired the back to 44 and the front to 37.

Why do they do that? I consulted the master (aka, Google), and I can see that a lot of people experience this. Apparently a lot of tire shops do this, but I didn’t really find any good explanation of why. The closest I found was that the air pressure just went up after the tires were installed because the tire heated up. This makes sense to a limited degree, but not 8psi. I would believe 3 or 4, maybe.

So to check that theory I rechecked the tires this morning, after they had cooled all night. They only went down 2psi. So This tells me they probably aired them about 6psi over recommended pressures, at least.

So this is my PSA:

Check your tire pressures the day after you have new tires put on.

If your tire pressures are way too high when the tires are cold, there is a good chance your tire shop also over-inflated your tires. It is probably not a serious danger or anything, but the vehicle manufacturer recommended that pressure for a good reason, and I’m going to trust them on this. SO check inside your door or in your owner’s manual to find out what your pressure should be.

Everybody have a wonderful, and safe, Independence day!