Editing Takes For.Ev.Er


I’m at the point in the editing process where I just want to yank out all of my hair, scream “I’m an airplane” at the top of my lungs, and dump copious amounts of hot gravy over my head.

In other words, I’m right on schedule.

I’m working on finishing up the final book in the Non-Vampire series. I think I like the book, but now is also the time that I start doubting that I even understand what words are, so I can’t be sure yet. What I do know is that this thing will probably be ready and be out for the world to read in just a few short weeks, so that is a very good thing.

And then I can move on to one of my other two projects, both of which have completed first drafts just waiting to be edited and revised.

*Pretent I wrote something really profound and amusing here.*

Have a great weekend!