New Year, Time For Editing

Happy New Year!

So that’s a little late, but it still applies. I’ve been off doing fun stuff the past few days, but I’m digging back in today. I just printed out 267 pages of book 3 of the Non-Vampire series to edit with a pen.

So why print and edit with a pen?

Well, the answer to that one comes from experience. In the past I’ve tried both this way and jut editing directly within a word processor. Not only is it harder for someone else to help out in electronic form, it also is much, much easier to skip over typos and minor things. It’s also hard to flip back and forth to double check details. I have my wife read over things, and it is difficult for her to make notes and me to read them in electronic form. And in electronic form the changes I make along the way can change what page a change needs made on, so if I have a note that page 193 has a problem, but I make massive changes early on, that thing that was on 193 may be on 185 or 202 because I may have added or removed pages by the time I got to it.

So yeah, back to pen and paper. I’ve done the past few in electronic, but is has always been way harder than with paper.

Now the downsides: I use up a lot of paper, which is a huge waste and not environmentally friendly at all; I use a lot of toner, which isn’t cheap (my printer is almost out, and I haven’t used it that much); Paper cuts.

So, back to work. I hope everyone has a wonderful year!