First Draft Done!

Hi everybody!

So I did actually finish up that book, like I had hoped. Even after going back to strengthen a couple of points. So… yes!

Some time next year I will have the last book in the Non-Vampire series out, I’ll have this one (my first middle grade book), and I may have a book with a trans main character out. That last one I’m still not sure about. I think so, but I need to go back through it and punch it up quite a bit. Like the story, love the character, just not sure others will find it quite as interesting. Even still, I may put it out there just for my own sake.

I’m taking a few days off to do some reading and thinking before diving back in to rewrites. I have some ideas that may or may not come through for changes on this site, too, and I might look into those. I’m probably going to wait a while, but I’ve been thinking about it some.

Anyone here use Axis 360 from their local library? If so, are you having trouble with it? I can’t get it to show any of my stuff. I can browse the library with it, but I can’t go to the details page and I can’t see my books that are checked out or on hold. The last time I contacted them they told me they no longer support older versions of Android (mine is version 6), so they couldn’t help. I had to find an older version of the app on my own, since they wouldn’t supply one. And now something has happened and that one won’t even work, and it has been working for several months.

Here is where I would slam programmers and say they don’t ever think of anyone but their own lazy selves.

And here is where I would feel really stupid, because I used to work as a programmer, and I have written an awful lot of software myself where people probably found issues that they weren’t happy about.

So yeah, not putting down the programmers. Just wondering if anyone else is having trouble.

Everyone have a good weekend!