New Book


So I’m keeping this short this week, because I’m trying to be busy with something else. Whether I’m being successful with that attempt is still up for grabs.

So this thing I’m working on that is keeping me busy is another new book. Yeah, another. That will make three.


Or if you prefer Roman numerals: III

Is that one too many? Two too many? I don’t know. Not really. I’m letting the second completed book simmer before I go back for edits and revisions. The first one has been through revisions and edits, and is only waiting on an intro and one last read-through after being beta read by a crack team. I needed a break from the second, the third is in a waiting pattern.

So then there’s this other story that has been screaming at me to be written, and I just sat and started on it the other day. And about 20 pages later, I realized that I now have to continue with it too. It’s different than my previous stuff, and will (currently at least) be a middle grade book. I’ll keep you posted.

Have a great weekend, everyone!