Hi everyone!

Random statement: I have this kind of long range dream to open a small book store/cafe. Just wanted to put that out there so it isn’t just a dream in my head.

I’ve been looking at my ideas for covers for the third book in the Non-Vampire trilogy the last few days, and I have come up with a few I like. (see a part of one cover idea here) But that has led me down the path, once again, of how difficult it can be to come up with a good cover and title. I’ve been incredibly lucky in that with my last 3 books my brother-in-law did wonderful covers for me, but not everyone has that luck.

So what do others do? From what I’ve seen, some people go through fiverr. This works, and I’ve used it in the past, but I’ve never been fully satisfied with the results. In face, on one of the covers that I had done through that I actually ended up redoing it myself, which I liked a lot better.

Pay someone else a butt-load of money? I’ve heard of others doing this, but for an indie author that can eat up more money than you end up making on a book. Not a good plan.

The cover creator on Amazon when you upload your book? I also have tried that, and also didn’t like it. In fact, I liked it even less. I wound up replacing it almost immediately. Still, it could be usable for someone, I suppose.

There’s a site I found called, and it looks pretty good to me. I have not used this one, but it seems reasonable. The covers seem to start at around $69, and all the pre-made covers I saw were under $100. You can also get custom covers made through the site, which would cost more. I’m not sure how much, but I’d expect it to be quite a bit more. Still, the pre-made ones don’t look too bad, so an indie should be able to find something they like for less than a $100. That’s not nothing, but it’s not too bad.

For now I’ll just keep trying to do my own. I’ve been throwing some images together, trying to figure out what I want. Right now I’ve got a partial design, though it is not complete. I can show you a portion of it here, just as a teaser, though:

Remember, this is just a small portion of a cover that is still in-progress, so nothing here is finalized. It’s just one of my ideas that I’m testing out.

Everyone have a wonderful weekend!