Walmart Now Sells EBooks


Anybody else have one of those weeks that just kind of dissolved, and you look back and it seems like absolutely nothing happened?

So my thoughts:

I’m like 85% of the way through writing my current book and hate almost everything about it. So… I guess I’m right on track.

I have all these amazing ideas (at least amazing right now) for stories, and I can’t start on any of them until I’m done with this one, finish editing and publishing both this one and the other one that is completed but not edited, then I can write the new stories. And until then I’ll just keep getting great ideas I can’t use right now.

Walmart now sells ebooks on their website, which… is a good thing?

Let’s discuss that last one a bit. First of all, Brynne, Non-Vampire is on there, so that is kind of interesting. I like that. It’s there because I published that on Smashwords and one of the places they publish to is Kobo, which is where Walmart’s ebooks come from.

But I’m worried about market fragmentation. There is already market fragmentation. It’s a wonderful thing that there is competition with Amazon, because they take advantage of authors on a scale that a lot of people don’t even realize. But at the same time, there is already a lot of places to get ebooks, and I worry that people will get too confused about where to get their books and just default to Amazon, giving them even more power.

What we really need is a unified group of competitors for Amazon. Apple, Google, Kobo, everyone needs to make it just as easy to publish, and especially just as easy for readers to get ebooks onto their devices. If you want to have a Walmart ebook store, and Apple one, a Google one, whatever, that’s all fine, but they should all just automatically appear on your device when you buy, like when you buy a kindle book. No more of this list of steps to get it onto your device. No more using Adobe Digital Editions to put a Kobo book onto your Nook, for example.