Just Some More Writing Talk

Hello everyone!

I just started realizing this week how incredibly difficult it can be to get your writing rhythm back once you’ve lost it. It’s something I’ve noticed before, but I never realized it was quite this difficult, I think.

For me it seems like I did okay in June. I was writing some each day, and I still managed to enjoy my summer with my wife, who was off. And then July hit and it all fell apart. I didn’t write everyday. When I did, it seemed like I was forcing my way through some of it. I had times of decent amounts, but not consistency.

That’s kind of where I’ve been the last few weeks. I’ve been pushing hard, trying to get my rhythm back, but it hasn’t been coming as well as I’d like. I’m getting the words out sometimes, but not always feeling all that inspired by what I’m writing. I know the story, I know what I intend it to be, but it just feels… blah, somehow.

About Wednesday this week it started feeling a little better. Thursday was a bit of a rough day, since I was struggling with a headache all day and not able to write as much as I’d like, but it felt good when I did. And then today I felt like I got quite a bit done. I’m starting to fall back into my rhythm. I wasn’t exactly in love with what I wrote today, and I know I need to go back over the scene and revise it a lot, but at least it felt like it was moving things along toward my goal. That felt good.

So yeah, I’m thinking I may actually get my groove back soon and wrap the first draft of this story up.

That just opens the door for revisions on the third installment in the Non-Vampire trilogy. It’s been sitting there for a few months now, waiting. I need to comb over it with fresh eyes. I can edit all I want, but I needed that time away to read it like a new story so I can see how it flows and how it feels. How it moves through this existing tale of the series so far. Once I do that, I’ll let someone else take a look at it and see what they think. So maybe it’ll be out sometime this fall. It is still untitled, sadly.

I feel like some of the summer heat has broken. I hope it stays gone, honestly. I like the 60s and 70s, not so much the 80s and 90s. I can survive up into the 80s, I guess, but once it reaches the 90s it gets tough. If it tops 100, I’m basically stuck inside where the air conditioner is good. I need to move to somewhere colder, I guess, but I don’t like the cold either. What can I say, I’m picky.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!