Some Stuff


Serious question: Why isn’t Solo: A Star Wars Story doing better in theaters? I’m being completely honest with that, I want to know. Why haven’t all you Star Wars fans been out there to see it yet? I loved it. Is it because there isn’t a lot of big bad Empire that they are fighting against through most of it? Yes, it’s got some heist movie feel to it. It also has a whole bunch of Star Wars feel. So I’m just curious why you aren’t all very excited about it.

We had lunch today at Culver’s. I just want to point this out for any of you out there who cannot have wheat buns that they have a really good gluten free bun. Like good. As in yum. Nice and chewy and thick. So much better than a lot of gluten free stuff I’ve see out there.

My current work in progress is coming along. Got a nice big chunk of writing in today, and it felt really good. There was an intense set of things that happened in the chapter I wrote, and I needed to get that out of me before the weekend hit.

Speaking of writing…

A couple of days ago I woke up from a dream that was almost in its entirety the basis for a book that I am very excited to write now. That isn’t all that surprising, I get a lot of my writing ideas from dreams. The exciting part this time is that I actually managed to write almost everything down on my phone before forgetting it. It was great. It was pretty early, and I was going to go back to sleep, but I needed to write that down first. I have a really good feel about that one. We’ll see when I get the time to write it.

Everyone have a great weekend!