Spring Is Coming

Hi y’all!

Well, today is March 9th. That is just about a week and a half from the start of spring. And wow do I need it. Winter has been kinda rough on me, for some reason. I need to see the sun more, I think. I don’t think it’s the cold as much as the lack of sun.

It is also just five days until my birthday. I cannot believe I’m going to be…

Ah, um… yeah. Nevermind.

Still, it’s quite a milestone. It is so hard to believe that I have been around since before… Oh, I see! Thought you’d get me on that one, huh? Nope.

So anyway,

This week I wrote a really interesting scene in my book. It has my main character facing off against a group of National Guard members. And it all fit perfectly, went in great, and sounded so good to me.

And then I descried the scene to my wife last night, and… it didn’t go so well. Even in describing it, I found that this may be a little too overboard. Not that it wouldn’t work, but I think I ratcheted things up a little too much here. So yeah, I’m going to be rewriting that today. I think I can fix this fairly easily, but we’ll have to see. But it was just a little too unbelievable that a group of National Guard members would be coming after her. So yeah, I’ll be fixing that up in a minute.

My wife is on break next week, and we plan to do a few little things, so I may or may not be posting next week. I will just have to see. But I’ll definitely be back by the week after, fear not.

Everyone have a great weekend!