Just Another Post

Hello Everyone!

Well not everyone, exactly.

Just the people reading this.

Not really any point in saying hello to anyone not reading this because they wouldn’t know, right? Of course I could just be nice and include everyone. At least I’d know I said hello. As would everyone who reads this. But anyway…

This has been the longest week! At least I’ve been making progress on my next book. Actually the book after the next, because the next is basically complete and just needs a cover and quick review before release. I haven’t decided on an exact release date, but I’m thinking probably sometime in March, maybe. Maybe April.

Probably April.

But the work in progress is progressing. I’ve made some pretty major decisions on it, so now I just need to get going on the writing and finish it. There are some interesting twists to the story from the first two books (it’s book three in the Brynne, Non-Vampire series), and I’m hoping they go over well. Some new enemies and new creatures as well. I’m excited to see what people think.

But I keep having this story bounce in my head. Okay, several, but one that I keep coming back to. I may have to write it next. The only problem is that the last time I went back to a story that I had been thinking on for a long time it took me just short of eternity to write. But that one was a very complex story. The story in my head is one I’ve written very roughly before, but would want to start nearly from scratch on because it was so rough and needs so many changes. Not to mention, I know a little more now than I did then and the world has changed somewhat in the past five years.

So if I do write that story next, it would be the first book I put out with a transgender character in it. That’s kind of scary. Get anything (and I do mean anything) wrong and someone will be upset. Get everything right and a whole different group will be upset with it. Though I honestly couldn’t care less about the kind of people who would be angry if I wrote the book and got everything perfect. Those are probably the kind of people who are already upset because all of my books have gay characters. In short: not my audience, to put it nicely.

So what else is going on this week that I can write about? Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow, so we have six more weeks of winter. Which, the way things are going, is probably good news. Good because it’s only six more weeks. I was under the impression that winter was never going to end.

I’m tired of winter.

Here’s my imagination of how it could be, if only life were fair:

Alas, life is not fair. I do not live at the beach, and it feels about 12 degrees above I-may-instantly-freeze-to-death.

Superbowl this Sunday! Go Eagles!

Have a good weekend!