Eagles In The Superbowl!


So first of all I have to remind everyone here that I have been a Philadelphia Eagles fan for at least ***censored*** years. This is only the second time I’ve had a chance to celebrate this particular milestone for the team I root for, so just give me this chance okay? I know some of you get to cheer for your team almost every year (and those of you who have that chance are so going down this year!), but most of us fans out here in the world only rarely get the chance, if ever. It’s a nice experience.

I know that this probably isn’t the most expected team for someone who lives in Kansas City to root for, especially given that we have our own team here, but I didn’t always live here. Yes, I’ve always lived within about a hundred miles or so, but still… I wasn’t required to be a Chiefs fan back then. So now I have two teams I root for, one in the AFC and one in the NFC. I really wanted a Chiefs vs. Eagles Superbowl, but it just didn’t turn out that way.

So yeah, this has happened before. It was only a few years ago that these two teams met up in this same game. That one didn’t go so well. This one… we’ll see. I’m going Eagles all the way.

Of course I am.

But I have a good feeling about this one. Nick Foles needs to play the game he did against the Vikings, sure. And the Eagles D needs to step up and do their part. The coaches and players must not back off at all when they get the lead. But they can do it. And they will do it.

How many of you out there are sick of hearing that Tom Brady is the GOAT? Greatest of all time. Puh! Bring it, Tommy!

These Eagles are GOAT slayers!

My prediction:

Philadelphia Eagles 29 – New England Patriots 17

Have a great weekend everyone!