Short Post

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to do a really quick, short post this week so you didn’t think I forgot (again). I woke this morning feeling ill, so I haven’t had a chance to do much. I had a migraine and some nausea, and I had to take something and go back to bed. Still not feeling too super.

I did, however, see that Westboro Baptist Church (those hateful @*$#) are picketing outside of Shawnee Mission East, a school in the KC area. Why? What do you prove by doing this? I know, I know, some people think we should just stop talking about them and hope they go away, but I don’t know if I agree with that. If you do or say nothing about these things you’re letting evil go unopposed. And what they do is evil. How else would you describe picketing around schools, public events, and funerals just to let everyone know that you think LGBTQ people are icky? It’s evil. Plain and simple.

You can see more about that here and here.

Why do hate groups like this exist? What makes a person hate another so much that they have to stand outside a school and tell children that God hates them? Those are some seriously disturbed individuals doing that. I had thought WBC had started to fade away, but I guess they aren’t gone yet. I’m at least happy and proud of the way the students and staff at Shawnee Mission East handled it.

And in case anyone needs to hear this:

Wesboro Baptist Church, go away. You are not welcome here!