It’s A New Year

Hi everyone!

Sorry no post last week. I got busy and distracted. Okay, I also got lazy. There, I admitted it. I’ll try not to do it again.

So it’s a new year and for a lot of people that means New Year’s Resolutions.

Don’t those words sound ominous?

Is it just me that thinks those words are ominous?

I really do think those words are ominous.

Why am I still talking about how ominous I think those words sound?

I have to stop using the word ominous!

So… I’m back. Sorry about that. Anyway, I don’t really make those ominous resolutions. It just doesn’t work for me. Let’s face it, most people don’t follow through anyway. But I do sometimes think of things I’d like to improve upon in the new year. I’m not making a resolution, just… planning to try better or make changes in some areas.

So I’m planning on writing a lot more. Way more. Faster, less complex, less troublesome stories. Let’s face it, Freedom’s Fate beat me around and called me bad names for way too long. I don’t want to go through that. Yes, I had to get that story out of me, it was burning in there. That doesn’t mean I want another story that takes me that long and is so structured ahead of time. My usual writing style is to have a basic idea ahead of time and sit with the keyboard letting it flow as it comes. Freedom’s Fate was not that. I love the book, loved writing it, love the characters. I just want to writing something different now.

Don’t worry, book two for Freedom’s Fate is all ready to go. I’ll probably do a quick review of it again in a couple of months, after I’ve had some time away, but I think it’s pretty much all set.

I’m planning to read more this year. Not that I didn’t read much last year, but I just have a lot in my TBR pile that I definitely need to get to. And that doesn’t even include new things that I come across to add to it. I actually have a TBR mountain now, I guess.

I also have to spend some time soon finding a better way to market my books. I have tried a lot of different things in the past, but I don’t think any of them are as effective as I had hoped. I’m still thinking on this one. People can’t read my books if they don’t know they exist, right?

So anyway, there is a lot to do in my new work in progress and so little time in the day. Better go.



Have a great weekend!


Go away you villainous word!