The Last Jedi Excitement


Ok, so I know at this point some of you are probably sick of hearing about Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but It’s the only thing that comes to mind right now, other than finishing up my book in progress. And by the way, I should probably mention that you can still nominate my next book, Freedom’s Fate, for publishing through Amazon’s Kindle Scout program, which will net you a free copy if it is chosen for publication. There’s only 8 days left, so get moving on that people! Just sayin’.

Where was I? Oh, right…

So anyway, The Last Jedi will be out next week, and I am set to see it on Saturday. Couldn’t get better tickets that matched with my schedule, as much as I wanted to. So I’ve come up with a few questions I want answered in this movie (Any by the way, don’t look at this list if you’re too worried about spoilers, as far as new characters being named):

  • Who are Rey’s parents? Like, seriously!
  • Will Luke finally say something? I know he does in the trailers, but will it make the final cut?
  • Who is Rose Tico? I’m kinda excited about this new character.
  • Who is Paige Tico, while we’re on it?
  • BB9? Seriously, a new BB unit? It better have a female personality! Maybe BB8 will have a love interest! I don’t think we’ve ever had a droid love story in Star Wars.
  • A Porg? Looks kinda cute.
  • Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo?
  • Will Maz make another appearance? I sure hope so!
  • Will one of the good guys go bad, or bad guys go good?
  • Will I make it through the entire movie without a bathroom break? Er, um… TMI. Sorry.
  • Why haven’t you gone to nominate my book on Kindle Scout yet?! JK. Or not.

So, anyway, I’m kind of excited to see the movie, in case you didn’t know by now. I guess I’ll stop talking now. Everyone have a great weekend!