Back To School Time


It’s back to school time for lots of little children around the country. Yay for the parents! And really, though they don’t always know it, yay for the kids too. I know when I was a child I felt weird because I actually liked doing school work when other children didn’t, that almost all of my classmates would rather be playing than learning, but there have to be kids like that now days too. I know some of my classmates liked going back to school because they got to see their friends more, but didn’t like the work. I liked the work. I didn’t so much like spending time with classmates.

Anyway, here in the KC Metro there are a lot of little ones going back to school this week or next, so if you’re in this area(or anywhere else where children are starting back) please be extra careful around the schools when driving.

This is kind of unrelated, but I also wanted to mention an article I came across Why ‘Gay’ Isn’t A Bad Word For Children. It kind of sums up a lot of our experiences growing up pretty well, I think.

Have a wonderful weekend!