Another Week

Ah, it’s kind of starting to get nice outside. We’ve managed to go out walking a little more, we managed to sit with our feet in the pool for a little bit (didn’t have but a few minutes or we may have gotten in), overall a pretty good week.

Also, Wonder Woman. We saw it last weekend, and wow! Of all the superhero movies I’ve seen, I think it may be my favorite. And that’s saying quite a bit, I really liked the first Michael Keaton Batman movie. I think Gal Gadot was just amazing as Wonder Woman, and the story was done perfectly. There was very, very little in the movie that I didn’t completely like.

Also this week my wife completed her first read through of my newest book. There were surprisingly few things she had a problem with. There were a handful of areas I thought she’d at least question, but the ones I thought she’d have some concerns over actually came across well to her. There were areas she questioned and had some issues with, sure, but not as many as I thought, and nothing that will be too difficult to address. Mostly a few areas I need to punch up a little, a handful of places where I need to clarify some things, stuff like that. Overall, it went well. Which is good, because it means my final edits can start now and I can get this thing rolling. Woot!

Have a great weekend!