Wait, There’s More


So, the thing is the promised 7-8000 words away from finishing this current book turned out to not be true. I’m still going. And still thinking I’m nearly done. It’s not so much that I get too wordy as it is a case of me being an awful, terrible, really bad estimator of remaining words. But I’m very close to done.

Here in Kansas City it’s sunny outside right now. For those of you who don’t remember what that looks like, here ya go:

Sun Clipart

Oh wait, that isn’t quite right. Maybe this:

Clipart of sun

No, that’s still not it. Closer, but not quite. Maybe this:

clipart of beach

Well that one is just wishful thinking. Anyway, you get the idea.

The thing is, it’s still fairly chilly. As in below freezing this morning. When is spring going to come, I ask you!

So back to writing…

I had a sort of almost end yesterday, but it turned out this story had more in it. A couple of unexpected scenes came up. And then, of course, a wrap up scene that I already knew I wanted to add needs to be finished as well. I’m close, but it turns out some of the bad guys weren’t quite done with our heroes yet. I have a bad feeling that this could turn ugly for our heroes. I’ll keep you all posted.

Have a happy Easter!

Spring Is Coming

Hi y’all!

Well, today is March 9th. That is just about a week and a half from the start of spring. And wow do I need it. Winter has been kinda rough on me, for some reason. I need to see the sun more, I think. I don’t think it’s the cold as much as the lack of sun.

It is also just five days until my birthday. I cannot believe I’m going to be…

Ah, um… yeah. Nevermind.

Still, it’s quite a milestone. It is so hard to believe that I have been around since before… Oh, I see! Thought you’d get me on that one, huh? Nope.

So anyway,

This week I wrote a really interesting scene in my book. It has my main character facing off against a group of National Guard members. And it all fit perfectly, went in great, and sounded so good to me.

And then I descried the scene to my wife last night, and… it didn’t go so well. Even in describing it, I found that this may be a little too overboard. Not that it wouldn’t work, but I think I ratcheted things up a little too much here. So yeah, I’m going to be rewriting that today. I think I can fix this fairly easily, but we’ll have to see. But it was just a little too unbelievable that a group of National Guard members would be coming after her. So yeah, I’ll be fixing that up in a minute.

My wife is on break next week, and we plan to do a few little things, so I may or may not be posting next week. I will just have to see. But I’ll definitely be back by the week after, fear not.

Everyone have a great weekend!

The Final Stages

Hi all!

So my current work in progress is coming along. I’m coming up on the final little section. The end is in sight. I can tell what is going to happen, and I even know what the final couple of pages will look like.

What I don’t have is any idea how well all this is going to work. I have about half a dozen things that all have to come together correctly to make this all work. While this was the plan all along (mostly), the timing of everything is critical. If I get something off here, it’ll just drag the story down and make it a boring ending. I really think the editing will be key on this one. I will need to go over it many times to make sure the pacing is right and to make sure all the events get the weight they should get. But once I get to the editing it ought to be fun.


Do you prefer that little *** or a — to show a break within a chapter. Like when a bunch of stuff happens, then there is a gap of a few hours, then something else happens and you need to show that these scenes don’t take place in a sequence, but you need them to all be in the same chapter. In this book, since it’s sort of written journal style, that would be all things happen on the same day, just not in the same relative time. I used to use — and some spaces, but now I’m thinking the *** makes more sense.

If you ever get your oil changed at a Walmart, make sure they put the oil plug, cap, and everything else back on correctly. Yeah, seems like something they would obviously do, but apparently they screw it up sometimes. We had our oil changed there late October. We went back to have it changed again this time and they didn’t want to change it because there was no cap and the oil was so low that it didn’t show on the dipstick. And since they were the last to change the oil, it was pretty obviously their technician who didn’t put the cap back on. Sure, I should have checked the oil at least once in that time, and I should have known better than to assume they did things the right way, but I somehow overlooked it.

So yeah, it’s a problem with them.

We got them to go ahead and fill the engine with oil and shove a rag in as a temporary oil cap until we could get to the parts store to buy a new one. The cap only cost $9, but I have concerns about what kind of damage their screw up did to our engine. Thankfully we didn’t hear any weird noises, and the warning lights didn’t come on, so hopefully it didn’t lose too much oil this time. Hope is all we can do.

I like the weather today. I think we should give this warming up thing a try. If we like it, maybe we should see about making this a permanent thing. Maybe we could even work toward something a little warmer. We can only hope.

Have a great weekend!