How We’re Handling Stay At Home Orders


Well, I guess the title says it all. We are in one of the states with a stay at home order. Actually, right on the line of two states that both have stay at home orders. The thing is, my wife actually has to work from home. I’ve been doing some stuff that’s a little different kind of writing, but I’ve kept busy.

And we’re both going nuts!

Literally. Like, we’ve eaten so many peanuts, cashews, and pistachios. But anyway…

It’s hard to not be able to just go out and enjoy things now and then. Little things. We like thrift stores and garage sales, for example.

But all of that is meaningless, compared to people getting sick and dying. Staying home is the right thing. These orders are important. Yet there are protests against these orders. Kind of silly. Stay at home people. And if you need to go out, wear a mask. It isn’t going to protect you, but it will protect someone else if you happen to be one of the people who are carrying this awful virus who don’t have any symptoms. Be a good human being, think of others.

So anyway, what we’ve been doing is a lot, lot, lot of watching Disney shows. I know not everyone is so lucky to be able to do that, so I appreciate it a lot. In the last month we’ve:

  • Binged all of season one of The Mandalorian
  • Binged all of Star Wars Resistance
  • Rewatched Mulan
  • Rewatched Monsters University (multiple times, ’cause why not?)
  • Rewatched The Last Jedi
  • Rewatched The Rise of Skywalker more than once
  • Rewatched The Force Awakens
  • Watched Onward
  • Watched most of the Star Wars Lego shows
  • Watched all the episodes so far of The Clone Wars Season 7
  • Watched Toy Story 4

That’s just what I can think of off the top of my head. I know there is more. And that’s on top of our usual Korean Dramas that we like to watch. A lot of sofa sitting. A lot of snacks.

But also, we’ve been making a point of going out for a walk every day after lunch. We just stroll around our neighborhood for a while, getting some exercise. Sometimes we have to go into the road a little to keep our distance from the neighbors, but everyone that we see out seems to be in good spirits.

But yeah, that’s how it’s going here. I just wanted to share this, in case someone else comes across it and feels like they are going nutty too. It’s not like we’re people who go out a lot, but the not being able to gets to us.

One day this will all be over, and we can go out then. For the sake of each other, we need to stay in. For the sake of the healthcare workers, we need to stay home. For the sake of the grocery store employees, pharmacy employees, and delivery drivers, we need to stay in.

Anyone whose job is important enough to be considered an essential worker right now should probably be considered a bit of a hero. They’re keeping the rest of us going. They are taking care of us. I just hope when this is all done we can remember that, and treat them with more respect than they sometimes have gotten before this.

Stay safe, everyone!

Hi all!

So the other day I decided to take an online class in English grammar. I just wanted a quick refresher, mostly. Let’s just say it has been a very long time indeed since I last thought about most of this stuff. And I write all the time!

Anyway, it was actually much more difficult than I thought it would be. Who the heck thinks about predicates, gerunds, clauses, and past perfect progressive tense while they are writing? People just write. If you have to think of all that stuff too much, you probably aren’t doing a great job of writing.

So yeah, the rules of grammar need to be somewhere in the back of your mind while writing. I get that. I also know that it isn’t desperately important if I can diagram a sentence properly. I don’t need to know the specifics, I just need to know how to craft a correct sentence.

Still, I think it was good to refresh my memory of some of the rules. I didn’t make many of the kind of mistakes the course spoke of, but there were a few that I recognize. Granted, most of my writing is more casual, since I tend to write young adult stories, which are told from the character’s point of view, but it is still good to know.

I passed, by the way, with an A. But it was a struggle.

So what else…

We still haven’t seen Frozen 2. Is it really that good? I think part of my problem is that I don’t have a good feeling about this. I think I worry it will ruin Frozen for me. I don’t want to see a bad followup and have that taint things.

Which is silly, when I think of it. I mean I love everything Star Wars, including every single sequel and prequel. Okay, well, I did try to watch the Holiday Special, and it… yeah, uh, it was… it was not good. Nope. Don’t do that to yourself.

Image from Star Wars Holiday Special showing a wookie watching 2 holographic dancers.

So anyway, we’ll probably have to see Frozen 2 soon.

For now I’m going to go try to forget I ever brought up the abomination mentioned above.


Just don’t watch it. Please.

Christmas is Stressful

Hello everyone,

I’ve been thinking about how we all do too much for Christmas. Too many gifts, too many meals, too much travel. It’s not good on us, and it isn’t good on the environment. Do you know how much trash we throw away because of all of this gift giving? A lot. Think about the wrapping, the boxes for each thing, and all the cheap crap they package these items in.

But at the same time, we want to see our families. I don’t really think that’s a bad thing, I guess. But if you have a family with various parents, grandparents, grandchildren, and friends who you want to see, and each of you all have spouses with the same on their side, it becomes quite a mess.

I think we all need to just step back and realize we can’t do everything, can’t see everyone, and just be happy with what we can do. Don’t schedule 2 or 3 meals with different groups on the same day, because you’ll feel rushed, stressed, and won’t enjoy any of it.

My theory is, just try to schedule 1 thing a day, if at all possible, and just be happy with what you can do. Don’t schedule every single day full, leave yourself time to recover and relax. Yes, there are going to be special things with people you haven’t seen forever, but don’t pressure yourself too much, just enjoy what time you can manage with the family and friends you can see, and don’t dwell on the ones you can’t see.

That’s my take, anyway.

And the gifts. Ugh. Why do we find it necessary to buy a million gifts for each child? Give them a couple of gifts they will really care about, and then spend time with them. If you give them a million toys they won’t/can’t enjoy them all. Mostly, they won’t remember what you give them by this time next year. But you know what they will remember? A really fun time with a parent, aunt, uncle, grandparent, etc.

So cliche, I know.

Personally, my most memorable things from my childhood Christmas times don’t involve the gifts at all, or only tangentially. My strongest memories are things like playing games with my family or going riding around and looking at all the lights together.

And the meals! I’ve been to some of these meals where there are five gazillion different things, just trying to make everyone coming happy and give a variety. But you know what? Most people eat the basics first, anyway, and only one person here and there really seem to care about the extras. And then we have the poor person hosting the meal making this huge meal with so many different items, when they could have relaxed a little more and made fewer things. Or better yet–everyone split it up and bring a dish or two each.

Anyway, I just felt like venting on here, mostly because I’m doing my best to avoid reading anything too closely related to Star Wars until we get to see it next week, so of course that’s about the only thing other than Christmas I can think of at the moment.

Everyone have a good Christmas, if I don’t post again until after, and have a good weekend!