Merry Christmas!

Hey everyone!

I’ll be spending time with family, having too much to eat, and generally vegging out for the next few days. Seems like we just did this last month, doesn’t it? Maybe we need to rethink the placement of these holidays, because having all these stacked together just… well, makes me fat because the meals are too good. Try as I might, I just can’t turn down a good turkey dinner, pumpkin pie and bread, noodles (gluten free, but I’ll take it), and deviled eggs. And that isn’t even considering all the goodies at my wife’s family meals. So yeah, I’ll be ten pounds heavier next week, I’m guessing. I hope everyone has a great Christmas!




I… I mean… hello?

Many of you may have noticed that Halloween is coming up.

Pic of witch hitting tree

When I was a wee little tyke, back in the days before fire, nearly all the little children in my tiny home town would go out on Halloween to trick or treat. My town was small enough that we felt safe, and most of the children were allowed out to roam the neighborhood alone or with an older sibling. Those were great times, but I remember every year my mother making us promise not to eat any candy before we got home so she could check it to make sure it hadn’t been tampered with.

She never checked it.

At least I don’t remember her checking it. I do remember she wouldn’t let me eat the occasional fruit that was given out. She was very concerned that apples would have a razor blade shoved inside, for some reason. Which kind of makes me wonder why she just didn’t insist on chopping the apples into tiny pieces before letting me eat them. Of course there was almost no chance I was going to choose an apple over all that candy, anyway, but still…

Sweettarts, Snickers, and even nerds were all wonderful. Apples, not so much. What I didn’t like was all the butterscotch candies people would give us back then. Or those weird, gooey, generic orange and black nasties that we would get. I know some people love those, and I’m sorry, but you’re wrong. Ooh, and candy corn. Ugh. I never, ever, ever, ever liked the stuff. Still, I was happy to get it, because that way I would have loads to pass off to the adults when they came digging through my candy, and that way I could share and still get to keep all the good stuff:)

I really don’t remember what I dressed as most years. I have a really vivid memory of only three of my costumes ever. One was a bunny, when I was very small. I had a fluffy outfit, furry ears, the whole works. And it was about forty degrees that year and snowed, so we barely went trick or treating, and I had to wear a big brown coat over my costume. Not to mention the fact that my dad had to carry me (remember, I was pretty little) so I wouldn’t get too messy in the slushy snow.

Another year my parents bought me one of those plastic costumes from Walmart. Yeah, it was kind of last minute or something, and I think we had to pick from a small selection maybe, because I wound up as Oscar the Grouch. All I know is that I couldn’t see out of the mask at all.

Another year I went as a ninja. I had a homemade costume, made by my mother and my sister, and a pretty convincing wooden sword that we borrowed from someone. Except my mother and sister didn’t quite understand–despite my repeated attempts to convince them–that a ninja costume was supposed to be tight. So half the time people told me I was a very convincing grim reaper.

I think the last time I went out trick or treating was around fifth or sixth grade. It just wasn’t fun anymore for me after that. I was at the age where embarrassment overrode the need for candy, maybe. I don’t know.

Anyway, everyone have a safe and happy Halloween!

Horror Games

Hi everyone!

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about some of my favorite old video games that I used to play when I was younger. I’ve always loved games in the horror genre, when they were done right. The Silent Hill games were my favorite, but I also have good memories of the Resident Evil series. I think these games can be credited for a lot of the style of gameplay we see in games of all genres being released now.

The other day we were out at a thrift store, just searching around for hidden treasures. Some of you may already know from previous posts that this is one of our favorite pastimes. Anyway, I stumble across a copy of Resident Evil for the Gamecube.

Image of cover for Resident Evil Gamecube game.

Hm. No price on it, though. So I asked the worker there and she said $2.

Oh really?

Well, ya know, for just $2 I couldn’t exactly turn it down, now could I? Oh, but it gets better. They were having a sale that day, so it was actually 50% off of that. So yeah, $1. Seriously.

We snagged it up. We have a Wii at home, so we knew we could play it on there. And the game discs, box, everything is all in great shape. The only thing we were missing is the memory card so we could save games, and it turns out MicroCenter had those for a good price.

So yeah, we’re going to give a shot. Just in time, too, since Halloween is coming up. It has been so long since I’ve fought against the Umbrella Corporation, and I can’t wait to have at them.

Wish us luck.

Have a great weekend, everyone!