Ever Feel Like The World Is Going Collectively Crazy?


It’s been a while (again) since I’ve written anything here. Mostly, my head has just been in a whole other space.

But hasn’t it seemed like everything is a little crazy right now? We have a pandemic still going on, and protesters are threatening violence because their favorite hair salons are closed. That’s nuts. A buttload of people aren’t wearing masks in public, because ‘I woke up in a free country’, and that’s nuts. People are going to work after testing positive, manufacturing plants are open even after a lot of people there have gotten ill, and we have nursing homes hiding the number of people who have tested positive there.

Can we all just show a little human decency? Or, like, maybe a little respect for others? If you don’t wear a mask because you don’t think they will help you, then wear one because they will help others. Either by preventing them from catching it from you (you can have COVID 19 and have zero symptoms), or by just making them feel safer.

And then we see businesses where they are refusing to allow anyone in who is wearing a mask. What is the point of this? Other than being nuts?

And even beyond the pandemic, we have a president who signs executive orders to punish social media companies because he was called out for one of his many, many lies. And then he basically threatens to shoot people in Minnesota who are angry because an African American man was killed by a police officer.

On a side note, the officer was just charged with 3rd degree murder. As much as I wish this man and the other officers there could have the book thrown at them, I’m glad he was charged with something they can convict him on and lock him up over. I support good officers, but this group clearly wasn’t that, and that poor man died because he was accused of passing a counterfeit twenty. Which is nuts.

Our president is nuts. I’ve tried very hard on here to be respectful to people who disagree about this, but he just is. He is self-serving, egotistical, and criminal. But he was voted in, so we all get to witness his nutty behavior.

Like, you know, maybe when he pulls us out of arms treaties with other countries, or when he ends our involvement with the World Health Organization, because he just doesn’t like that they don’t agree with him. Like when he tries to ban immigrants with excuses that seem like very thin veils for racism.

I’ll end my rant here, for now.

Everyone stay safe!

How I Deal With Stress

So it’s no secret that we’re all, pretty much everywhere in the world at this point, dealing with the effects of COVID-19. It has made it tough for a lot of people. Some people are very ill. You may even know someone who has passed from this tragic illness. If so, I’m sorry for your loss.

But for most of us this is causing a lot of stress, inconvenience, and fear. The majority of us are not ill, but we must stay away from each other to make sure it stays that way. It’s causing a lot of people to be out of work. Some get to work from home, which has its own stresses.

To all that, I have only one thing to say: Stress eating is a perfectly legit way to deal with it.


Yeah, uh, I’ve gained about eleventy million pounds during this.

I snack. A lot. Too much. I try to do my normal thing, but writing is more difficult than normal right now. Usually writing is a bit of a release. It helps me put some of my troubles aside for a few minutes. Right now, I can’t even manage that.

We will get through this, everyone. Just stay in, protect your family, and try to relax if you can. If you work at home through this, you are not going to be at your best. That’s to be expected, so go easy on yourself. It’ll be fine.

Stay safe, everyone!

Why Are We Still Debating Equality?

Today they are debating the Equality act on the floor of the House of Representatives of the United States.


Except we all know this isn’t going anywhere. The Senate is controlled by… well, by Mitch McConnel, but technically by the Republicans. The right wing of the Republican party always, always, always plays to fears of their base. If we give equality to people then they will have to serve cakes to the icky gays. They will have to sell homes to us. They will have to admit we exist and they can’t get rid of us. And, of course, they always claim trans people will be going into the bathroom with your children and assaulting them. Because, ya know, the only thing stop anyone from doing that right now is that it’s illegal for them to go into the bathroom. Which, of course, ignores the fact that assaulting a child is illegal in the first place, not to mention immoral and inhuman, so if the law was going to stop them then they would not be doing it regardless of this law.

So why are we debating this? Because they want to say “religious freedom” and stop everything. That is an excuse. As I just saw someone paraphrase from the bible, you are supposed to love your neighbor. Not love your straight neighbor. Not love your cisgender neighbor. Nobody is telling everyone they have to like serving gay people. The civil rights act never forced people to like any minority, only to treat them fairly and equally. That’s all this act would do, except now for LGBTQ people.

So why are we not already treating EVERYBODY equally in the United States of America?

I don’t know. I just don’t know.

Have a good weekend!