Old Stuff/Windows Frustrations/Querying

So lately we’ve been going around to garage sales and to thrift stores looking for old tech stuff. Honestly, this all kind of started when we built a retropie machine to play a lot of our old games on. If you don’t know, the retropie has emulators that let you play games from just about any old video game system out there (assuming you have the original game so that you are just format shifting and not violating any copyrights). This makes it incredibly easy to switch between anything like a Nintendo to a Sega, or whatever, and not have to hook up multiple systems. It’s all in one, so you just play whichever game you like.

Anyway, that led us to looking for older computer stuff, as well. We aren’t having the greatest luck with that, but we’re looking. I did find a Macbook G4 for $10 at a Savers the other day, and once we bought a new power cord for it from Amazon, I found out it still works, so there’s that. We’ve found a handful of the little retro-style games that are basically just a controller hooked to your screen, so that’s kind of fun.

What else…

About a week ago my system did a Windows update and my internet has been bogged down and slow ever since. To top it off, I can’t even navigate and click the same page correctly. When I’m in my email, I try to select multiple to delete and it just hangs for about 30 seconds. It’s frustrating. I used to write software, so I get that you can’t anticipate every scenario, but come on Microsoft, you can do better than this. Anyway, I rolled back one update and it seems to have helped a little, so we’ll see.


I’m about to start sending queries on my latest book. It’s an upper-middle grade novel, which is new for me, so I’m just hoping for the best.

That’s about all I got, so everyone have a good weekend!

Malicious Is Now Available!

Hello Everyone!

Malicious Cover

So it is finally out, finally available. Phew. That was tough. Malicious, Book 3 of the Non-Vampire series. The final book.

You can get it on amazon.

So just to give you an idea of what the book is about, here is the description:T

It’s scary being hunted by two crazed vampires, even if you are one too.

Ask Brynne, who is being pursued by Marissa and Miranda. And Brynne isn’t comfortable with the label vampire, and would prefer not being grouped in with the monsters who pursue her, thank you very much.

Marissa and Miranda want retribution. Apparently killing their creator–her creator, also–didn’t sit well with the sisters, so they plan to exact their revenge by killing Brynne’s ex-girlfriend Teresa, then Brynne herself. And to get Brynne to surrender they are willing to frame her for a series of bloody murders.

They already murdered Brynne’s best friend Jessica’s parents. Now Brynne must protect the ex-girlfriend and her family or else they may be next. But they are just humans, they have no idea what is going on, no idea there are two crazed, blood thirsty vampires coming for them. They have no idea what allies the vampire sisters have sent their way, some of which are monsters like nobody has seen before.

When Teresa’s family is attacked in their own home, Brynne must take them on the run to protect them. They seek out allies of their own to aid in the fight against the increasingly violent sisters, but Brynne is afraid it won’t be enough.

Brynne must decide if she is willing to sacrifice herself and allow the sisters to have their revenge so that she can save the others, or if that would only embolden them, and they may then continue their killing spree once they have finished slaying her. A wrong decision could cost hundreds of lives for years to come.

Complicating matters, Brynne may finally be figuring out her love life. But should a possible romance with the person she has long desired play any part at all in her decision? She doesn’t know.

And can there even be a place for a girl like her in this world?

Join your favorite vampire girl in this exciting final installment of the Non-Vampire series!

Malicious is a young adult novel. There is cursing, blood, gore, and monsters, but no explicit sexual content.

Obviously there is a lot that isn’t explained there, but it is a teaser to get you interested. Hopefully it worked.

To those who have been waiting so long for the conclusion to Brynne’s story, thanks for sticking with me. I hope you enjoy the book!

That Time Again

Hi all!

I’m in the closing stages of work on a book, and I’m approaching a much-dreaded time for me. Every time I near the end of the book, the work seems to slow to a crawl. Well, almost every time. Faerie Queen wasn’t like that, but the others all seem to be. I will think I have 10,000 words remaining, but it ends up being 20,000. Or I’ll only have the 10,000, but then I realize the ending will be more powerful if I make a few changes, so I have to go back to switch some things around. It seems like this happens so much that I’m starting to fear the endings.

I almost always have a clear ending in mind. I know where I’m going from the start, basically, even if I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to get there. I have a general idea, at least. I try not to get too rigid with my pre-planning, because it seems to ruin my creativity and spontaneity when I try that. So it’s not a problem of not knowing how to wrap it up. I think it really comes down to me being absolutely horrible at estimating how much work remains. I can sometimes get the approximate number of words remaining correctly, but I seem to forget that there often times will be a lot more involved than just those words. Even in a first draft, I often go back and make changes as I go. And this gets more intense as I go along, making changes earlier in the story to strengthen the latter parts.

So yeah, while writing this I’ve realized I’m just really, really bad at remembering all of these story-strengthening fixes while I write. So nevermind, I’ll stop whining.

Anybody else having the longest week of their lives?

Have a great weekend!