Tickets To The Rise of Skywalker

Hello All!

It’s been a while since I posted. I’ve just been so off in my own head, doing things, and haven’t had a lot I wanted to talk about here. I have been working on my current story, and continuing to do some querying(not enough, I admit), but I haven’t made a lot of recent progress on anything that I can actually talk about. Sure, the story is coming along, but I don’t want to drop too many details:)

So we got our tickets to The Rise of Skywalker the other day. I am very excited to see this movie, but also a little sad. I don’t want the Star Wars stories to end. Yes, I know we will always have more stories that will be told in this same universe, but it’s just not the same.

Still, our tickets are in a decent spot, so we’ll have a good experience, I hope. And we will bring our ear plugs just in case, since we will be going to the same theater that one other time had the volume cranked so high that it actually was hurting both my ears and my wife’s ears, and I suspect some other people in the crowd as well.

We will be having copious amounts of popcorn that day. Oh my gosh, is there anything better than movie theater popcorn? At least when it is fresh. Once I got popcorn that was so stale that it had clearly come from the previous evening, but other than that it has always been good. One time it was just incredibly spectacular, and we got 2 or 3 refills on our large bucket that day. That was for just 2 of us to share, so we probably gained approximately twelve pounds each from that popcorn, considering we added a lot of extra butter.

Can you tell I like popcorn?

Anyway, I’m torn between a couple of theories on who Rey is and whether she is the Skywalker in question for this movie. I used to be absolutely convinced, but now I’m not so sure. I’ve read some stuff about Palpatine having a secret base on Jakku, where he may have kept another child like Anakin was. Supposedly the rebels knew about the base (though maybe not about the force sensitive child), and were heading there when the remains of the Empire’s fleet met them there to stop them.

That was the Battle of Jakku, which would have taken place well before Rey came around. If the theory that this base had a force sensitive child within, then perhaps that child grew up to be a junk trader who had a child and then sold her off for drinking money. That would tie everything up nicely, because it would explain Rey’s strength and force abilities, while still leaving what Kylo said in The Last Jedi as a fact.

Just a thought. I’m overthinking all of this a lot lately. We’ve bought about seven or eight Star Wars shirts, a bunch of Star Wars plushies, Legos, and assorted other Star Wars items in the past month because we are so excited about this movie.


Everyone have a happy Thanksgiving!

Books In Print & Gluten Free Bread

Hello all!

How are things going? Enjoying the weather? How are the kids? Oh, did you hear that ***insert political or news thing here***? That’s so awful, I just can’t believe it!

Just letting you all know, I finally got around to setting up the paperback version of Beyond Freedom on amazon, as well as the paperback version of Malicious. So if you were wanting those, they are available now.

Originally, the reason I didn’t set up the paperback version of Beyond Freedom when I released the ebook was because I was using Createspace for my paperbacks back then, and Amazon bought them out. There was a timeframe when they were switching everything over from Createspace’s site to the KDP site, so I couldn’t do it right then. As for Malicious, I just plain forgot to do it.

I’m so terrible.

But don’t you just love holding a paper book in your hands? I know, I love ebooks too! I listen to audiobooks. Books in all forms are wonderful, but there are times when you just want the physical copy in your hands. In an ebook or audiobook you can’t easily flip back a dozen pages and find the name of that guy the main character bumped into on the corner.

And there is just something about a physical book that sucks you in more, too. Plus, how many times have you started reading an ebook and kind of forgotten the story title, what the cover looked like, or details like that? Especially if you read it over a period of several days.

There is a discoverability bonus with physical copies, as well. I don’t know about you all, but I reread books sometimes. I’ll see it on the shelf and be reminded of it and want to flip through it again. That doesn’t happen as much with ebooks. They aren’t there, physically staring you in the face. They don’t have the “pick me up and open me” vibe that a physical copy does.

At least that’s my feeling on things.

So we got the breadmaker, and I’ve been trying to make bread with it. I even tried the recipe that came with it, though I had to substitute to different gluten free flour.

The recipe it came with did not turn out well at all. To top that all off, the mild allergy I have to yeast turned out to be a fairly strong allergy, which didn’t help matters. Let’s just say I didn’t really enjoy that bread as much as I thought I would. I’ve never noticed an allergic reaction to yeast before, even though I did test mildly allergic. So now I know I really need to avoid yeast, which is one good thing that came from that first loaf.

My second loaf also didn’t turn out as well as I hoped. I tried making it without yeast, but it was kind of flavorless and did not rise at all. I’ve made yeastless breads before, and they will rise a little. Not this one.

Having learned from the first two attempts, my third attempt is much better. More water, more sweetener, and I added some vanilla. It did rise some, tastes a lot better, and actually did okay in the toaster. I’m getting close.

So yeah, you were all wondering, I know. So fascinating, right?

Everyone have a great weekend!

Vague Book Talk

I’ve been working on my book with the robot. I have run into some issues that I have to work out here, though. Mostly, there is a point when I need a character to make a realization, and it’s important that I lay the groundwork correctly. There needs to be enough evidence for this character without someone just coming out and saying it to them. I’m trying to drop hints along the way, but it’s hard. I need it to be obvious for the reader, but not so much for the character, which is a difficult line to walk.

And that was all probably really vague. Argh. Still, it’s a work in progress, so I’m not saying too much about it here.

So what else is going on in life?

I’ve had a strange feeling that there is another story percolating somewhere in the back of my brain, and it might be a good one if I can just figure out what the heck it is. I don’t even have characters yet, just a vibe that there are pieces falling into place, which is a vibe I’ve gotten a couple of other times with other books. We’ll see where that goes.

We had an old Commodore 64 that would only show a blue screen, no text. We got that fixed (bad basic rom chip), but now we’ve found that there are memory issues, so we have to dig into that. Parts are on order, so we might move on to see if we can get that old TRS-80 working.

We’re planning on trying a bread maker. It just seems the gluten free bread we find is incredibly bad or too expensive, so I’m going to give making it myself a shot. I’ve made bread at home, but I just want to see if this makes it a bit easier. Also, I’ve never really made a yeast bread, so we’ll be trying that soon.

So anyway, everyone have a great weekend.