Sum Sum Summer


I would have written hello everyone, but my hand melted off.

It’s hot. Wow is it getting hot lately. Maybe it’s me, but it feels much hotter at 100 than it used to feel at 100. Like, much hotter. Like so hot that this is actually what happened to me while I was walking from the car earlier:

Okay, so just imagine the melting ice-cream was me and you’ll understand. What, it’s not like I have an actual image of a person melting. That would be disgusting!

Honestly, what are you thinking?!

So anyway… I’ll stop whining and move on.

In our efforts to find an old copy of Heroquest around, we instead found this other game, Dungeonquest. It’s not quite as story heavy, and doesn’t have anywhere near as many neat little miniatures and furniture, but it’s an interesting game. Hard. Very, very hard. Not difficult to learn, it’s just that you die a lot.

Actually, scratch that; you die constantly.

We have tried playing it with modified rules that let you continue even after you die, you just fall back to half health and lose some of your treasure, and we still haven’t even had one of us make it out alive in three games. Reviews online tell me this is actually really normal, that somewhere in the neighborhood of %10 of games end with someone living.


And yet it is still really fun!

Not as much story as Heroquest, and it will never take the place of that one, but it is a lot of fun and we got a great deal on it at a Half Price Books store, so it was definitely worth it for us.

Oh yeah, and I didn’t get a chance to post last week. Sorry about that. I went out of town on the 4th, then had family visit here the 6th and 7th, and this kind of threw me off. But the plus side was that I got to have a nice time with my family on the 4th, and we grilled and had some really good food. The 6th we took my wife’s family out to dinner, then on the 7th we visited a museum with them, and it was a really good time as well.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Interesting Old Game


Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about an old board game I played sometimes in my youthful innocence, back around *year censored:)*. It is called HeroQuest.

As anyone who ever played it will know, it was massive. A game system, rather than a game. It’s very much Dungeon & Dragons like, all goblins and orcs, barbarian and wizard. I just really remember liking it better than I liked Dungeon & Dragons, which I actually didn’t play until later on.

What I think I liked about it was that there was at least some limitation with it. There is a board, which immediately limits things a bit, and a smaller amount of enemies and spells possible. It also was quick to play, in comparison. At least in my experience, anyway.

I think what I liked best about it is that in the back of the game manual there was a blank quest map, where you could design your own quests. Using that, you could create a quest, and this game came with a MASSIVE amount of miniature figures, furniture, and assorted spell and artifact cards for you to use. I always enjoyed creating quests with an intricate story line and puzzles for the heroes to solve. Sometimes I would end up making it too intricate, or would not consider that someone may take a shortcut to the bad guy and not gather the necessary item to beat him along the way, but I enjoyed it a lot.

With this all in mind, I have looked around lately for a copy of this old game. I was floored by what people are getting out of this thing now. I mean wow! Go ahead, take a look on ebay, you’ll see. It’s crazy! I used to own this game and basically gave it away. How insane was I?

Oh well.

But I guess those quests I created back then were sort of indicative of how much I love creating stories and writing. That actually was probably the best part, to me. So yeah, the nostalgia hit. I’m not spending that kind of money to get another copy of the game, though.


I’m about two thirds of the way through my current work. It’s going well, but slower than it was before. I always slow down in the summer because I’m off doing things outside and enjoying extra time with my wife. I’m still making progress, though, so that’s good. And once I finish the first draft of this one, I’ll edit the previous one and possibly publish that one, which will be the third and last book of the Non-Vampire series.


Justice Kennedy retired. Egads! This is terrible. I wasn’t the hugest fan of the guy, but at least he could be trusted more than most of the other conservative justices. Now we know that our current president will appoint someone who dislikes anyone different (lgbt, immigrants, etc.), and who supports businesses over us little peons. And the second he appoints them, the Senate with have completely farcical confirmation hearings, pretending like they are actually doing anything other than rubber-stamping the appointment.

So yeah, that happened.

Please Justice Ginsburg, please take care of yourself for a little while longer. We can’t let an extreme conservative take your place.

Everyone have a good weekend!

First Day Of Summer?

Happy Summer!

Pic out window of car, shows dreary and rainy weather

So that’s what it looked like yesterday here, the first day of summer. Uh-huh, summer. It was about 65 degrees at the time, and looked like that. It isn’t a lot better today.

I want a REAL summer.

I’ll stop whining now.

So my main protagonist in my current work in progress is having some depression issues at the moment. Something happened (not telling yet) and it triggered some bad memories and self doubt. Now the girl who is in love with her thinks she did something wrong, and it’s touchy. Since this is dual point of view, it’s interesting for me to write it from both sides. I’m enjoying these parts of the story a lot. I think in the future I will be writing with multiple point of view more often, as long as the story warrants it.

Many, many years ago I had a Kindle. It was the early keyboard type, and I loved that little Kindle dearly. I read more books on there than I ever imagined I would.

And then I decided to upgrade to a Kindle Fire. This was just shortly after that first edition Fire came out, and there was a nice sale on them for some reason. I loved that too, and it got me through some tough times and was great as well. But it was much heavier. The backlit screen did make it easier to read in bed, but it also weighed enough that it would sometimes be awkward to hold for long periods of time if you were laying down like that. Eventually I got to the point where I found myself reading on my phone more than I did the Kindle Fire, and I just got rid of it. We had just moved into a small apartment and were going through a minimalization phase.

But now I find myself wanting a decent ereader again. I like to read. Yes, I read physical books a lot. I listen to audio books even more, because I can do so while doing other things. But there are just a lot of times when I feel like reading a decent book, and it’s so much easier to buy ebooks. So I end up reading them on my phone.

Now I am looking for another ereader. I’m thinking of trying a Nook this time. Sure, it’s much easier to find good books and purchase on Kindle, but I also know how to convert books once I do buy them. I definitely want the lighter reader, and the e-ink version would be great. I’m still figuring it out, and I’ve never used a Nook, so if anyone out there has used both a Nook and a Kindle let me know which you liked better and why.

Have a wonderful weekend!